May 17th, 2002


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We are having one of those annoying wimpy storms. The sort that's decently pleasant because the sky is overcast and gray and there is rain, but it's definitely no thunderstorm. I love thunderstorms. They're the best part of Houston summers - we get some badass storms.
Oooh, it's now raining harder. I love it when the universe listens to me.
Oooh, now thunder. The universe is my bitch!
Edwards' cinemas redid their webpage. Very.. Flash-y. Not in the snazzy sense. In the sense that it runs like a Flash movie, and I hate that. I like my webpages to look like webpages, damn it.
Oooooog, the cramps. If I wasn't so afraid of our medicine cabinet (numerous badly labeled bottles, some containing medicine for our now-dead dogs, some for my now-dead Abuelita, and some from when we kids were about three. We've got everything in there) and painfully aware that normal medicines rarely do anything (4 midol = nothing. 14 Advil = nothing. Damn) I'd be raiding it.
Okay, I need to find about $5 so I will have enough for a movie ticket. *scrounges* Not having cash of any sort is annoying. I hate checks with a passion. I need a job. I need something to do. But all my applications are seemingly for naught. Because no one wants to hire me. Damn it. As much of a slacker as I can be normally, I love working. I adore being employed and having a purpose, even if it's only for the hours I punch in on the time clock. I don't care what I'm doing, not anymore. Just something. Anything. Preferably full-time.
But no one wants an employee who's leaving in a few months.
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Did not go to see Star Wars, since I would not have had time anyway. Would have had to leave early to pick up Tish, and did not want to. So I'll see it eventually. Maybe. Meh. Movies.

Nicole has the Fine Arts Banquet tonight. Whee. Not big on school functions m'self, even the ones catering exclusively to the creative freaks that fill our Fine Arts department. I stay at home. Actually, I'll probably go work out in an hour or so after my head quits throbbing.
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... Can't decide if this is creepy as all hell, or the funniest thing I've figured out in a while. (girly crap!)

Women who are in one another's company tend to get their periods at the same time. It happens commonly in families if the women are near each other a lot.
By the end of marching band season, almost all the girls in band are on the same 'schedule'. Which means absolute HELL for all the guys in band for two weeks out of the month. hehe.
But... now half the girls on my friends list seem to me having their periods at the same time as me.
just a little too much time spent on LJ, perhaps?
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... tha FUCK?

"Hell hath no fury like a Wiccan scorned"?!?!
I'm not Wiccan and I am offended. Jeebus. And if the Buffy fans I've encountered are any decently good representation of the actual audience groups, they run the high risk of pissing of a LOT of fans with that one.
Way to go, Buffy creators. I don't watch the show and now I don't want to! :[=

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Chikazukitai yo
Kimi no risou ni
Otonashiku narenai
Can you keep a secret?

*smirk* learning Japanese now?

No. the Internet is a lovely thing.

Thought you'd given up on it.

Nononono. On you. Silly.


But I'm bored now. We'll see.

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