May 19th, 2002


"Space" [moron]

Physical: I am still somewhat sleepy; but a lovely combination of caffeine and sugar is keeping me up and twitchy. Went to bed at around 4. Woke at around 8:30. Ahhh, the joys of sleeping in. No, really, that's sleeping in for me. I live off of either minimal sleep or nothing but sleep. My arms are still sore from weights yesterday. But it's a good kind of sore.
Clothing: I'm a hippie! No, really. This dress was $1. I love. I went downstairs and my mom shrieked because apparently I look like her from the 60s/70s. Heheh. That amuses me. My hair is down and since I washed it yesterday afternoon and it was down while I slept, it dried all curly.
Mental: Confused. Some of the caffeine from last night wore off and wow, I really didn't make a whole lot of sense. It's sad when you confuse yourself.
Emotional: Disappointed in myself; I always seem to annoy/frustrate Greg whenever I talk to him. Hrm. This is becoming a habit (I used to annoy/frustrate Michael, too. Though it took him a good deal longer to get fed up with me. Greg's such a time-saver that way...).
Creative: I drew something. Sort of. It's sketched. Fanart for Greg and John's comic. WIll finalize the sketch whenever Greg gets the new character designs up and in place. But yeah. Drew something. Will see about making LoS page now...
Misc: My brother is funny. Observe:
The letters on our keyboard have long since worn off. My brother wrote them in with a Sharpie when we weren't looking. He labeled the space bar. Nicole then wrote, in parentheses: "Moron". Hehehe.

Some random chick: You got a gf???
my Brother: I used to... but it turns out cows don't like me.

... Yeah. My brother is weird.

HAHAHAHHA! My uncle's pants are so over starched, they could cut through the egg white I'm currently nibbling on. Dear lord. They're like cardboard. This is hilarious. We're never letting him wear these pants; they will remain in the Hall of Bravo Curiosities. Or would if we had a Hall of Bravo Curiosities.


Let's count what's wrong with Jenni!

thus far in my life, I have been 'diagnosed' by various people (none of whom are professionals) with the following:
Bipolar disorder (or whatever it is called; I'm not entirely sure of the proper names for any of these)
Multiple-Personality Disorder
Extreme Delusion
And some others I've forgotten.

None of which do I have. It never ceases to amuse me when people think there's actually something wrong with me. Sorry, folks. While a bit eccentric, I'm hardly mentally ill.
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Three people have actually listed Makenzies Locker as an interest on LJ.
That saddens me.

Well, now, whose fault is that?

Wouldn't that be yours, actually?

... Quiet, you.

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