May 24th, 2002



  • Last day of high school, ever. I get the distinct impression I should be a lot more excited about this than I am.
  • My mom insists I get a manicure. What the hell is wrong with my nice, neat, bitten-into-pointy-claws-of-death hands? What? Whaaaat? Heh. 'least she's paying.
  • Tish is SECKSAY.
  • Explorer keeps crashing. This is what happened before the computer died last time. *backs up files - again* I swear, it fucks up again and I'll go back to windows fucking 95. It worked well. Better than ME. Stupid ME. *kicks it* if XP didn't scare/annoy me (for reasons I do not understand. Kinda like how I feel about Dreamweaver, and pants, and other things that make life easier)
  • The peanut butter is taunting me. Taunting, I say.
  • HuzZAH! I buy a very pretty skirt from minnaloushe! For the first time, since I am a near-'normal' size now, I am realizing just how much transference was involved when I ignored how I dressed and gave my characters crazy clothes. I love dressing oddly. You cannot imagine. And I swear, once I lose some more weight... the crazy shit Chris wears? OH hell yeah. So I'll look like a whore. Now ask me if I care. Come on. Ask. I dare ya.
  • My cat thinks my nose is tasty. I cannot explain this any better than: I'm delicious!
  • I had to get a new water bottle. It is the prettiest bottle in the WORLD; it's a gorgeous deep blue.
  • Quote 'o the day (so far) goes to idol_cain:
    Sounds like some really, really stupid fruit."
  • I want to hug Greg. He looked like he either needed a hug or a nap, and it was probably a nap, but with Greg it is impossible to tell most of the time and so I was rather afraid he'd hunt me down and kill me in my sleep tonight if I offered a hug. (call Ripley's, Jenni actually wanted to hug someone!)
  • I can sit on my hair again. Been years since I could do that. I had it relatively longer than it is now when I was in about the third grade or so, then I chopped it all off at the shoulder around 4th or 5th (BIG mistake there. I look horrid with short hair. And it frizzes too much) and kept it at mid-back 'til 9th grade. I think I need to measure it.
  • Keep in mind that when I threaten to smack you with a trout... I can and will do it. I have a trout. I keep him in my purse to use upon unsuspecting people who say stupid things.
  • Why is that guy in the kitchen with Dinah?
  • Whenever Adam comes into town he's gonna fix my chain-maile-hand-thing (I need to figure out what the hell to call it...) that he made me. It's too big and it flops about. Of all the stupid places to lose weight; the wrists... *grumble* But then I can wear it without it sliding all over, which is good, because I enjoy it muchly.
  • Zwoosh!
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    Never doing THAT again. *shudder*
    A manicure. Never again. NEVER.
    Besides the girliness inherent in the whole process, the entire concept is focused around someone else touching my hands.
    Most of the time, I am not a touchy person. Now, if someone (assume exceptions for maybe three people in the known universe, probably just one) places a hand on my shoulder, I may dart away or sometimes let it remain, though I'll tense up. But touch my hand, and bitch, I keeeeeeel you. Years and years of sculpting impossibly tiny things left my fingers well-trained and highly sensitive. My hands are sacred. And having someone I do not know mess with my hands for a good fifteen minutes or so has made me more tense than I thought possible.
    Never again.

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