May 26th, 2002



Adam has a LJ? When the hell did that happen? Was I told? I don't recall being told. Damn you, people-I-know-in-person, if you have a LiveJournal, tell me. I might not seek out your company often (if at all) but I am nosy and a worrywart and I like to know how your doing. If I can find that out without having to socialize in the least, so much the better. (yes, this is all a selfish desire to know everything while doing nothing. Just tell me you have a LJ, damn you!)
Adam is a good person (if only a little enthusiastic with the hugging... when I hug someone, it tends to be more of a cuddle and less of a bombastic tackle). Which saddens me somewhat because I did not get to know him very well when he was living in Houston. Hrm.

Rain. Yay.