May 27th, 2002


This began with songpics...

But I associate specific songs with people or events. Either the lyrics or overall feel of a song remind me of a certain aspect of a person/how I feel about a person, or I just heard the song a lot during a particular time period.
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Mrf. Your 3 AM update. Or some such.

Nicole is having some sort of party today. Methinks I will be hiding. I was all into it earlier (hey, any excuse to dress like a whore. Wait - I need an excuse?) but now I think I'll just remain downstairs curled up on the couch.
My feet are cold.
I want someone to cuddle with. Someone very warm, preferably. Hrm. Anyone happen to be warm, cuddly, in Houston, and have nothing better to do? You can come over and keep me from freezing to death during the party. I promise not to bite unless you want me to. ;]= Guys work best since, as I believed I have mentioned, I hate girls. I really do. I don't like touching or hugging them or anything. Hell, I won't speak to them if I can avoid it. I'm terribly sexist when it comes to the division of my attention between the genders. It's so strange...
*sigh* figures; she finds someone to have some sort of relationship with, and that person is messed up and appears to possess all the logical, rational thinking capabilities of your average 12 year-old girl. Greeeaaaaaaat. Or perhaps I'm judgmental and overprotective. That is a very real possibility.
I really, really need to finish cleaning my room. It's currently not in a proper condition for a party. No available floor space. Of course, a quick run-through to pick up my costumes will take care of that, but I should probably tidy it up more. The things I do for you people... *tsk* heh.

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Happy birthday to lost1605.

I had a veggie spring roll. It looked delicious. But then my dad called my name and I turned to look at him, foolishly forgetting that I have the world's worst sense of balance of late (I can't even drive straight. I'm really hoping massive quantities of sleep will fix this, or I'm gonna wind up a smear on the highway, probably taking a few unsuspecting saps out with me. And of all the ways to die, a smear on the highway is one of the least appealing to me.). Spring roll, meet the floor. SPLAT! It smelled good, too, but I know what's been on our floor. So no spring roll for Jenni. I am assuming this is god's way of saying my fat ass does not need the calories; and I will eat some canteloupe instead. Heh. Canteloupe. Fun word.

If a certain someone does not stop fucking with a certain someone else's mind, I will have to kill her. Plain and simple. Don't think I won't. Biz-natch. The least she could do is attempt to get help, if she is indeed doing this unconsciously. If she's doing it purposely, then she deserves to die and I have no qualms about being the one to make that happen. *cracks knuckles* There are few things that get to me, and fucking with someone I care about is one of them. Do. Not. Do. It.

I cannot tell if Nicole being emotional started this or if me being emotional started this, but we are both rather emotional at the moment. Damn the psychic mind link. Damn it to hell. I am going to go clean my room now and look at things from elementary school and beyond and be as nostalgic as I get. Which is really not that nostalgic. hrm.
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I should be shot

Aaaand countdown to apathy..


There we go.

My mom is mad at me, and with good reason. She asked me to clean up the house today while she was at work. Okay. And what did I do? I cleaned up my room for Nicole's party, spent a little time online, took a nap, and... uh... really, that's about it, now that I think about it. So she's quite angry with me because my room should have been neat and organized already, as thatshould be a daily thing, and I should have cleaned the house. And I agree with her; I'm mad at me, too. Or would be if I really felt much of anything. I'm sure I'd be quite mad. I'm lazy, and that's all there is to it. I should be shot.

Fuck. I was on my knees a lot of the time while I was cleaning, getting stuff off the floor or moving it. My right knee is really hurting. This is starting to piss me off. At this rate I'm going to forget myself and either smash the damned thing with a hammer or just chop it right off. I suppose I should be worried when I realize I'm really not kidding. It just seems like the thing to do. Not that it'd really help much; odds are it'd just cause more trouble.

I have the greatest talent for fucking up relationships - I'm so good at it, I can fuck up relationships that I'm not even in! It's a gift.

Nicole and her friends are the single greatest entertainment any one person could ask for. They are so amusing.

I think I will go take a nap now. I'm very tired today, for some reason.
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