June 1st, 2002


It's genetic, Coolest Little Old Lady EVER, ARRRRR, God does not do tech support, and AAAAAUUUUUGGGHHHHH! (all in one day)

It's genetic - Pondering the weirdness inherent in our family, I see my mother doing something odd and decide that, given the fact that my father is a round little Peruvian geek-doctor-man, it must be genetic. And from my mom's side. Then, as I am doing the dishes, what do I hear but:
"Hi-Hooooooooooooo, Siiiiilver! Away!"
... It's my dad. He walks into the kitchen and looks at me (I, who, hands drippy, am giving him that 'what planet are you from?' look that all teenagers have down pat) and asks if I knew who said that.
"Um... the Lone Ranger..."
"Well, he wasn't alone, now was he? He had Tonto." [pause] "Tonto was a rather 'S' guy..." (my dad refuses to say the word 'stupid'. Probably has something to do with the fact that 'estupido' is a much stronger insult in spanish than 'stupid' is in English, or so I have been led to believe...).
I groan. "tonto", in Spanish, mean's foolish/silly/dimwitted, or something to that effect. You have not heard a bad pun until you've heard it in my father's accent.
Yeah. It's genetic. And from them both.

Coolest Little Old Lady EVER - My family is going on a week-long cruise tomorrow (today?), sans me. Some people would see that as a punishment. My mother has enough sense to realize that this is the greatest thing for me, ever. She seems to have grasped the fact that I am generally a solitary creature, and a week with no forced interaction with other humans is a wonderful, wonderful treat for me. She told our next-door neighbor (who we have adopted as sort of another grandmother), and this little old lady seems to be the only person in the world with enough common sense to see this as a good thing. Hell, in two months I'll be living on my own. If a week kills me, there's definitely a problem here. She said she'd be counting how many cars were in the driveway. *snicker* She's great.

ARRRRR - It took only about two seconds of convincing to help Nicole and Gabriel decide how to amuse themselves for a week - dress as pirates, bring the family video camera, and record the reactions of the poor unsuspecting saps stuck on the ocean with them. My mother is encouraging this. Does my family kick arse or what?

God does not do tech support - Yeah. My computer appeared to be on the very verge of crapping out. Again. It bluescreened a few times, claiming some random error... eep. Now, I mentioned to my dad that I was thinking of upgrading to XP. (was running Me, which is evil) turns out, he has the upgrade. What the hell? My dad has the most random software, sometimes. Anywhom... I decide "all right, time to upgrade; it's acting like it did right before it died last time". So I put in the CD. Nothing. Okay. I try to move the mouse. Nothing. Great. ctrl+alt+delete. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Kill power. Restart. Bloop, explorer error before it finishes loading. Uh-oh. ctrl+alt+delete. Nothing happens. Uh-oh^2. Kill power. Pray to any god in existance that the computer will at least hold out long enough to let me do this, since it might very well fix it... Repeat cycle of uh-ohs about five or six more times. Decide God don't do tech support.

AAAAAUUUUUGGGHHHHH! - on reboot #6 or 7, the computer loads Windows like a decently sane machine.I can move the mouse. Everything is good. Commence installing XP upgrade.
That was two hours ago. It's been saying there's approximately 20 minutes left in the installation for going on about 70 minutes now... Mommy.
Also. Two of the most imporant pieces of hardware in my possession - my scanner and my tablet - are apparently not at all XP compatible.
I think this is the universe's way of saying: "Look, kid, this whole 'art' gig really isn't your thing, y'know? I mean, I tried to give you hints, but damn, you're sure stubborn. Now look, I took away the voices, now I guess I'm gonna have to take away your hardware. Keep this up and I'll find a way to paralyze your hands."
Damn it.
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... I think I'm going to cry.
XP is still installing. Yes, that's right, it's now been three and a half hours of it telling me there's approximately 20 minutes left in the installation. The 'Esc' key does nothing. 'ctrl+alt+delete' does nothing.



I am also dehydrated and my head hurts because of it. My own damned fault. *chugs water* And I should probably sleep. *cries* If that computer is royally fucked up by this, I lose the stuff I was working on for Greg's site. And Tish's site.

I am going to bed now.
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Sleep did not happen. Instead stayed awake and just saw my family off.
XP has decided to hate me every bit as much, if not more, than Me did.
I finally broke down and killed the power (after almost 4 hours, mind you). It restarted, began re-installing XP. Apparently no problems. Then it randomly restarted just as it was finishing preparing the installation. I panicked a bit, but then it proceeded to prepare the installation once more. Once it was almost done, it restarted. Repeat process for another hour and a half.
I cannot recall ever having been quite so frustrated with a machine and/or item of software in the entirety of my existance.
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Fell into a very deep sleep and woke at 11:30. Managed to be out the door by noon, which, considering I had to shower and wash my hair, is excellent time. I set out, quite sure I'd get lost.I have the worlds worst sense of direction sometimes. I did not get lost. I did, however, spend about two and a half hours more than was necessary being stuck in traffic. Hoorah for deciding the 610 loop only needs one lane at certain points. Whoever thought that one up needs to be shot. Repeatedly.
I made it. Around 3:30 or so I parked by 'debris blanc', Mrs. Mixon's trailer. She is one of those people who miraculously does not age. I have no idea how old she is; she could be anywhere from 40 to 60. She looked exactly as I remembered her. In attendance were Mrs. Mixon, her husband, Mark, Jonathan, Matt, Sarah, Rati, Adrienne, Crystal (I'm pretty sure I'm spelling her name wrong), KK, and Dan. Also there were Bach, Dan's younger brother who skipped two or three grades and is now in college; Benny, the excange student from Germany who lives with Mark; and Avi, who had Mrs. Mixon the year before we did. We played volleyball, sat around and talked, wandered around on the beach, and then loafed around and talked while making some sort of effort to remove at least a bit of all the sand from ourselves.
All in all it was wonderful to see them all again. Save Bach, Benny, and Avi, we'd all been in the same class periods together and so it was a nice little reunion. A bit sad to realize I'd not really spoken to most of these people (excepting the band geeks or those directly related to the band geeks) in over a year in some cases. My best friends from 7th grade, Rachel and Kara, had both moved. Michael, the person from that class who I'm closest to now... Uh... I asked KK if he'd contacted him, KK said no. Mark and Dan might have (they drove around handing out invitations. Dan actually appeared at my house on Thursday to give it to me, which startled me quite a bit at the time), but I'm not sure. I will be angry with someone if they forgot him. I know they probably forgot a lot of people.
So yeah. Got really tired (sun... warm... sleeeeeeep) and so I didn't go see the judging of a huge sand castle contest with everyone else. I went home, trying not to fall asleep at the wheel. Made it home successfully, took a bath (which is unusual - I've taken only showers for years; very rarely baths), and here I sit, clicking away.
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Awww. My sister has the coolest boyfriend in the world.

And yes. I am so, so incredibly jealous. Quiet, you! Not over the actual boy himself - though he's a sweetheart, creative, and intelligent (and a sexy, sexy bitch! *snicker*), he's too young for me and he's just a friend. But over her relationship. Just having someone to hold, to talk to. Despite me being in what is a relatively insanely good mood, I have this huge issue with trusting people and getting close to them. This makes relationships - both friendships and of the romantic sort - rather difficult. Actually, in all but two circumstances that I can recall, it's taken me years to get to really trust most people. Those exceptions, oddly enough, are both recent - Greg and bunny03.
Did I have a point with this? Oh yeah.
Now Accepting Applications for Boyfriends: please use these questions if you are stupid enough to actually want to attempt a relationship with Jenni. *snerk* (and yes, I wrote that up just now because I am VERY, VERY bored. I would be working on Greg or Tish's website, but have I mentioned that the other computer HATES ME WITH A PASSION? 'Cause it does. Yes.)

OWW! FUCK! Just banged my knee against this worthless, decorative, and very, very pointy part of a table. OW. Damn my mother's habit of furnishing our domicile with pretty-more-than-functional things! And egads, I've never seen a bruise form so fast...

Adam owes me amusing antics.

bunny03 got a haircut; 'tis cute. A bit like Makenzie's. HuzZAH for anime hair!
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Jonathan just IM'd me...
and ended the conversation by thanking me for coming to Galveston.
*blinkblink* okaaayyyy...
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