June 3rd, 2002



I ought to beat you with a stick...

... but there is a kitty in my lap.
Why no, no those two thoughts do not have any connection whatsoever...
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Bless this cat.

I was feeling rather down. Cat starts following me around. I play with him a bit, still feel down. Continue feeling worse and worse as the evening progresses. Talk to Greg, which lightens my mood a bit (as always; he is quite precious to me for that very reason) but then he has to go and I sit there, staring blankly at a page of his comic that makes me near teary-eyed when I'm not emotional, to say nothing of times like now when I am very much so.
The cat comes over, hops onto the table, and then jumps to my lap. I talk to him, surprised. He curls up in my lap and we purr at each other for a while. I lift my hands to type and he bites them (not hard) and proceeds to lick my fingers (he has always thought I taste good). I obediently stop typing, as he has decided my new job title is 'sofa'. He stretches up a paw to my face, then leans his head against my breast and sleeps, almost like a human child. It is one of the most endearing things I have ever seen.
Of course, I had to ruin his nap because I had to go to the bathroom.
I am sure he only wanted to be fed, as I then gave him some food and he has left me alone since.
But it was quite nice of him, I think.
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(no subject)

Just saw Spirit. And the animation itself was nice, the backgound art was quite lovely for the most part, and everything seemed pretty well pulled off despite the sappiness of the story, but... something bothered me throughout that whole movie...

... Horses don't have eyebrows, damn it.

They humanized the horses, as almost anyone will tell you is necessary to make an audience sympathize with a non-human character. And for a children's movie, it's all fine and dandy.
... But... but... EYEBROWS. And the fact that they gave them human eyes. As I recall, you usually don't see the whites of a horses' eyes unless they are very upset. So the entire movie I was, on a basic level, rather confused by the wide-eyed equines. Their movement looked... off... in some places. More humanizing, or maybe just not enough effort put into making them seem like they have actual weight and mass. They seemed so light.
... Or am I just picking the living hell out of a cartoon 'cause I got nothing better to do? Oh wait, yes, yes I am.
Lilo and Stitch, though... I wanna see that. Stitch is the cutest thing I think I've ever seen. Little blue ... thing... Who cares what he is, he's adorable. Will see.
Next on the 'movies to see' list.. Spidey, Insomnia, and... uh... that's it. I think. About a Boy is apparently good. Perhaps that. Only if I decide to leave the house, mind you. At the moment I'm content to remain here. I think I'll go have a nap. (A Lazy Slug? Who, me? Betcher ass)
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