June 13th, 2002



Sab: I feel your pain. I know it annoyed the fuck out of me when people told me that, but eh. 'S all I can say.

John has strep. Or some other similar throat-y malady. Pobrecito. Must... not... attempt... to nurse... back to ... health.... urk!

Mom gave me some STRONG stuff. Mmmm, drugs. Cramps are diminishing. I am pleased with this. Now if only that annoying bloated achey feeling would diminish as well, we'd have a decently apathetic Jenni instead of the current somewhat-cranky model.

This is a comic worth reading. Nice. Nice indeed.

I am, apparently, hired to do graphic design and layout for BioDelineate (enjoy that site while you can, I'm designing a new layout. Less ... yellow. More greeny) Unfortunately, it is a young company and the higher-ups seem to still be figuring out business and how it works, which gives me the general impression that my bosses bicker like 12 year-old girls. I didn't appreciate that immaturity when I was in 8th grade, and I don't appreciate it now. But so long as I can get paid, and until/unless they do something totally unethical by my standards, I will hang around.

I miss Webcomicking (I think I made a word).
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