June 15th, 2002


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This and things like it are why I add any artist I like to my LJ friends list. I get to see when they post pretty things. Now go worship taeha. Go.

Rereading the Red Meat archives. Mmmmm, weird comics.
Since once I finally got my list of Interesting Comics to Read (Capitalization Makes It Important!) back on my bookmarks my computer died again, would anyone happen to have some suggestions for really good online comics? Any genre, any style. Just so long as they're interesting. Particularly ones that aren't on Keenspace (though feel free to list those, too - going through the KeenList one by one would make strong men cry), since those tend to be harder to find.
Feel free to plug your own comics as well, since I know I have an assload of comic artists/writers on my friends list and at least a few of them bother to read my posts.
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