June 17th, 2002


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I have some fat-free ice cream. It tastes of ass. Somewhat. But at least it's got sugar. I saw some fat-free, sugar-free ice cream. What the hell is in that stuff? Can they even call it ice cream?

Still fretting over the person mentioned in the post previous. This is because there is a very real possibility he might just decide to never speak to me again. Not out of angry-teenage-bitchiness, just merely because he doesn't want to. I wish I could remember the conversation that angered him; I can't recall exactly what was said and I don't have it saved (damn). I've been going over the bits I do remember in my head all day, agonizing over where I said something I shouldn't have, and where I should have picked up on what his mood was, etc. My own mood that day (judging by journal entries) was of the "FUCK IT ALL" variety. Never a good mood for me to talk to people in. I say things I regret later. Case in point... But yes. So I have been contemplating this all day, making myself mildly ill. On top of that, I have eaten because it is Father's Day and in my family, Love = 'cooking obscene quantities of food for someone'. Making myself feel worse, physically. Blecchhh.
I don't have many close friends. Losing one is a very big deal to me. Hrm.

I tried working on ML today. It went something like this:
1. Jenni sits down with a sketchbook, pencil, and eraser.
2. Jenni gets up to refill her water bottle.
3. Jenni sits down with a sketchbook, pencil, eraser, and water bottle.
4. Jenni gets up and turns on the fan.
5. Jenni sits down to her artistic utensils.
6. Jenni taps her pencil against the table.
7. Jenni chews on the end of her pencil.
8. Jenni's Fangs 'O Doom nearly destroy the end of the pencil.
9. Jenni draws a line, circle, or series of shapes
10. Jenni stares at it for a minute
11. Jenni erases it.
12. repeat #9 - 11 approximately 20 times
13. Jenni gives the hell up. Can't think of anything to draw anyway.

But Nicole, Gabriel, and I did manage to scare the minister and his wife. Nice people, just fun to be weird around. Between the three of us, tortilla soup nearly came out Diana's (the minister's wife's) nose. It's a good thing.

The ice cream still tastes of ass, and is staring back at me from it's sad, soggy little melted lump in the bowl because I can't finish it. Stop staring at me. Stop it!
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I feel like I'm in preschool.

You ever do that when you were in preschool - 1st grade or so? Say "I'm going to be/am married to so-and-so"? Those little playground marraiges. No one would ever marry me (thus early reinforcement of my acceptance of being eternally single) but all the girls I knew were 'married'. It was cute. One boy at my church, he and I did say we were going to get married when we grew up. We still keep in touch, he got me the job with BD. How's that for weird. (that reminds me, I have work to do. Meep)
Anyway. There was a point to this..
Oh yeah. Since it's been established that neonid doesn't want to marry me, flemco is already married, and grumble is probably scared of me by now...
I'm going to marry happymrlocust! Hurrah.

I am so four years old.
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Tortilla soup makes the world go 'round, and other pearls of wisdom from the oyster of my soul.

Get into a crowded elevator. Betwen floors, cough loudly and violently until your fellow passengers become uncomfortable. Then turn to the nearest one (and/or the most uncomfortable-looking one) and say weakly:
"We haven't gotten the lab results back, but it's either the common cold, or the Black Death..." cough on them. Disembark.
Giggle. They will remember you for the rest of their suddenly much more interesting day.

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You can tell it really pisses my cat off, not having claws.

Went to see the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Pretty decent movie. I hissed at the people whose cel phones rang during the film, which was fun. We got in for free; this guy who was in my Networking class, Gary, apparently works there. He spotted Nicole and I in line, said "Hey, you want in free?" and got us the tickets, then vanished. Was very odd.
Movie was interesting. Made me think of Emily. She has always reminded me of a Southern Belle, in her mannerisms and the way she carries herself. Always a show. Unfortunately, she seems to lack the doting gentlemen who adore her and winds up with assholes. Lovely. I worry about her. I wonder how she's doing.

Livejournal, you will stop being a bitch. NOW.
Damn, didn't work.
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Behold, the Bravo Wisdom:

Nicole has two basic rules for relationships. Understanding these rules produces good relationships. (in her experience, at least)
They are as follows:
1. Don't be a slut
2. Girls* are stupid.

Jenni's rule for life is like the bastard offspring of the two:
1. Don't be a girl*

We have decided that this is the key to a long, happy life.

*NOTE: In this case, the word 'girl' refers to the typical creature we have encountered through our middle school and high school dealings with humans. While pretty to look at sometimes, the vast majority of them seem to be about as deep as bricks. Upon attempting to get to know them, we discovered they really are about as deep as your average brick, and have this disturbing habit of being exceedingly uninteresting creatures. They are very tolerable for anywhere from thirty seconds to two days, depending on our specific moods, but generally long-term friendships don't work out too well. They are finicky and illogical. Quite frankly, they scare me. I am still trying to discern exactly where this intense hatred of my own gender came from....
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