June 19th, 2002


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tzarohell draws pretty people.
wobblygoblin has finally convinced me that there is at least one other person in existance who would go into long detailed tangents concerning random aspects of biology on the worlds in their heads. Which is MUCH fun. You should all try it.
John is starting to worry me... no more medication for that boy.
For whatever reason, he spoke to me again. I have no idea if he's forgiven me or just got bored. I'll take what I can get. Knowing me, I'll have to ask him about it, which will inevitably lead to the whole thing blowing up again. I'm curious and I have a death wish like that...
Summer posted this over on DA. Go. Enjoy. I know I do.
Speaking of small slimy things (now see, if you had just clicked the link like I told you, that would have made sense), my youngest sister found a frog. I have named him Herbert. He is approximately the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil. Teensy frog. It's critter-season again. We have lizards and frogs all over the place. Being the amphibian-loving freak that I am, I enjoy this thoroughly.

I need to draw. This has been bothering me for weeks now. I want to draw. But when I try to get the images from my head to the paper - and I was never very good at that to start with - they get so muddled that I no longer remember what they were. This disturbs me to no end.
[all right, part of it is jealousy. Greg and Tish are getting much better. At this rate I'll never catch up. Damned competitiveness]
Locking myself away with the diet soda didn't work, since my brother was in the room watching TV. Hrm. I shall try it again this afternoon if I can convince Nicole to keep an eye on Emma. Otherwise, I guess I'll do it tonight. Or something. GRAH.
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Physical: Good, I 'spose. Stomach is pissed at me. Fine, then, stomach. See if I feed you. Nyah. And I need to exercise more. Much more. I am laaazy.
Clothes: Black pants, black shirt, black sandals, stripey arm socks (finally stolen back from Nicole), watch, red bracelet. My hair is tied in a knot, but the remainder - almost as long as Nicole's hair - is like a ponytail. I'm so Gothic, I bleed cobwebs and tears. Or something.
Mental: First I was told I was schizophrenic, now I'm told I'm depressed. Bull-Honkey. I don't believe either.
Emotional: Blaaahh. I feel nothing. Well, no, that's not true. I'm a sponge. I just absorb it all. Schlluuuurrrp. That's the sound of absorption, ladies and gents.
Social: I'd be content never seeing anyone again. But maybe that's just me. I think so. Kelly was here earlier. Our house was full of crazy people. My head still hurts from the screams. Madness, I tell you. Madness in shopping carts.
Creative: I am such a slug. I've gotten nothing done. But hopefully the ridiculous amounts of caffeine I'm planning on ingesting in the form of Diet Dr. Pepper will aid the creative process. Or kill me. Both are distinct possibilities... Or I might not do that at all and just go to sleep. That sounds appealing as well.
Misc: Am contemplating purchasing myself a paid account. Will probably wait until I move. Struck upon the interesting realization that my sentance structure is almost invariably choppy. Hmm. As though I'm making notes.
*talking into hand* Note to self: Buy a recording device...
I want my insomnia back. Sleeping all the time is dreadfully annoying.
Quizzage: Actually, while I've not altogether stopped taking the blasted things, I've stopped posting them. How interesting.
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