June 29th, 2002


Stripey... tights... fetish... acting... up...

Sometimes I most heartily dislike having neither a PayPal nor an Ebay account of any sort. (parents are weird like that)
Anyone who would be willing to purchase any of these for me will be repaid in full (and I'll bake you cookies or something. I dunno)

... now I feel dirty.

So, on to something funnier, thanks to pixelicious for the link. Hee.

Nicole's friends are coming over in about an hour to go to Warped Tour with her.
I wonder if that means I should put on pants...
CRAP! I need conditioner (literally cannot brush my hair without it. Damned thick curly Mop of Death)

So, it looks like the overwhelming majority wants to have Seeing Purple People as my project of choice. Mkay. Works for me.
So Greg, when can I take those pictures? *suggestive eyebrow wiggle*
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Greg (8:27:31 PM): *throws a penny at jenni*
Jenni the Odd (8:27:37 PM): *bonk* hey...
Greg (8:27:52 PM): you're thoughts. give them to me *terminator voice*
Jenni the Odd (8:28:22 PM): ... Greg, that is the BEST way of saying "whatcha thinking?" that I have ever encountered. I want to marry you and bear your children.