July 12th, 2002


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Wait, it's Friday again? When the hell did that happen?
It's sad what I become with no school bells to tell me where to go and when to follow the other cattle - I mean, cattle - I mean, students around to another location... I sleep at odd hours and the days melt into one another. I have no way of telling days apart, I can't remember what happened yesterday because there is nothing to define 'yesterday' from today or two days ago. I forget to eat and sleep every now and then, and I get nothing done. This is sad.
'S also why I wanted a job so badly. Give me some structure and I'll be fine. All I need are time limits.
The daylight isn't helping. I am a winter person by nature, apparently. I see daylight and I assume it is before 6 PM. It is summer now, and does not get dark until 8:30 PM or so. This extra light throws whatever messed-up internal clock I had completely out of whack. Half the time I solve this problem by not leaving the house. The rest of the time, I am simply very, very disoriented.

I am shaking like hell. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I'm gonna go play in traffic or something... mrrf.

Was in Kroger and on the magazine rack I saw, on the cover of YM or Teen or some other teenage-girl mag: "NEWS FLASH: Geek Boys are Sexy!"
My response?
"Well, DUH."
Case in point? The odd assortment of geeks who compose the Pervert Crew. See also: Michael, Jeff, Michael (different one), David, Christian, numerous Networking/Animation geeks, etc.
It took the teen mags THIS long to figure it out. I am not impressed.
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My uncle Rick just went to the hospital. Irregular heartbeat or some such. Mom didn't give me details (she never does, when relatives are ill. Irksome).
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