July 16th, 2002


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I have peppermint ice cream, which pleases me greatly.
On the other hand, it is laden with calories, which will in the long run (hell, by tomorrow), displease me more than I can tell.
I have found what is probably the best picture ever taken of me.
The reason it is so is because I am covering my face, and wearing dark colors that blend in with my hair and whatever-it-is that I'm sitting on, making me near-indistinguishable from my surroundings. I am also being harassed by Sarah with a dalmation-print cowboy hat, which makes it all the more interesting.
I just sat down with music playing, paper in front of me and pencil in hand. There was... something... roiling about in my head. It wanted out. My hand twitched a few times, but that was the extent of it. It will fizzle out eventually, as they usually do, or it will destroy me. I need some sort of release; I need to either draw something, fuck someone silly, or watch blood run down my skin in rivulets. Since there is no one readily available and the last option will land me in more trouble than I want to deal with, I should probably draw something. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Nicole will be getting a LiveJournal sooner or later. And when she does, I have found the world's most ideal community for her to join: llamastalker. There are others like her. Be afraid.

Thanks to vampiricangel, I discovered an assload of pictures I'd not had backed up the last time my HD crashed, on a freeservers account I'd forgotten I had. Heap cookies and adoration upon her unsuspecting head.

Bring on the yams.
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troutman has offered further proof to my theory that a lot of online cartoonists/artists - particularly anime artists, for some reason - are secretly sexy/cute (there is a difference, sometimes one is both at once, but 'tis a rare thing).
Other proof (this would be guys only, since I'm not interested in girls and therefore notice them much less often. But this holds true for many of them as well):
There are more, but either I've not seen pictures of them, or I've just forgotten at the moment because my brain is worthless like that and it's late. If you think you should be on this list, do let me know.
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Damn, I'm posting a lot tonight. SHOOT ME.

going through old photos. Found that one of Michael pretending to be asleep on the band hall floor.
*bangs head against wall*

In other news, the yams now frighten Tish. Good work, flemco. What other produce can we corrupt?

Today (technically yesterday, damned late nights) I was told that I was a sexual person. It was meant in a good way. Years ago when I was still a newbie to the internet, I was told I had a 'sexy personality'. Between then and now I've been told much the same by various people.
Apparently, I have a sexy personality.
... what the fucking hell?
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    Some fool let me have sugar. I'll crash soon enough...

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  • exercise
  • dress self (apparently, pants are good. Who knew)
  • take Tish to wrest paycheck from the stingy, claw-like hands of Taco Bell
  • plot untimely demise of Tish's district manager
  • draw kiskia a pretty picture and mail it to her
  • toss stuff in boxes
  • Stop fucking checking LJ every five minutes, you obsessed freak!
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    Dropped Nicole and David off at the Engine Room to see Ben Kweller.
    I miss Greg.
    I want to cry.
    Damn my mutinous eyeballs; for they appear to be staunchly against it.
    Stupid eyeballs. I oughta go after them with a spoon.
    Damn. I forgot about the glasses.

    I got only one thing done on my to-do list. And what was it? Getting dressed. Oh yes, I am a competent individual...