July 25th, 2002


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Tish is happy. This = good.

... My brother is inhaling ridiculous quantities of helium, and then singing/talking to the lot of us. He has made kitty scared. He has made me laugh 'til I nearly pissed myself. This = disturbing.

Nicole made brownie-goo. It's goo-riffic. Goo-tastic. Goo-licious! I stop now.

I'm acting disturbingly chipper of late. Not sure if it's all the sugar in those god-forsaken brownies working its way through my bloodstream, or if I've secretly been replaced by Folgers Dark Crystals. Let's see if you can tell the difference.

... I just looked back at that last sentance. I SHOULD BE SHOT.

I love critter season. I leave the house at dusk and there are three or four lovely fat little toads sitting outside by the steps. I look out the window and there's lizards aplenty. And our ditch is full of round, wriggling little tadpoles.
The only downside? flemco wasn't kidding...