July 31st, 2002


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I'm back! Oh joyousness! I am back! WITH A CABLE MODEM!
Only those who have suffered through dial-up can truly understand what a blessing cable is. *purr*
Dear god, I have 900+ friends entries to wade through. Eep.
vebelfetzer is so horribly cute it makes my head hurt.
I still want to bite ghostfire and suck some talent out of her. (I am a talent vampire. Didn't you know?)
I have a cheese-and-salsa sandwich. It is a piece of cheese and some salsa on a piece of bread. Lunch!
I would be whining for feyr to get online, but he needs his sleep.

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Tish + John = ... pudding? Who knows! (yes, yes I have gone insane. Thank you. Goodnight!)

I sincerely hope emglyph contracts a flesh-eating virus and writhes in pain for weeks before she dies. *cheerful whistling*

I would like whatever-it-is that is biting me (my neck and arms itch like hell. Grrrrr. There are also two marks on the back of my neck; looks like a vampire got me or something. The fact that I scratched them and they are now bleeding helps this impression) to DIE. Thank you.
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