August 6th, 2002


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The hot water has been turned off 'til 7 pm tonight. Which means I save the testing center harassment 'til after I shower tomorrow morning, first thing. Though I suspect it's far too late; as I think I heard something about it being too late even before orientation. Yeah. So that could be a problem, methinks. It also sucks ass, but since math is not my strong point, I suppose there are worse things than taking Algebra II again. That was, what, my sophomore year's math? Damned if I remember a bit of it, but algebra is nice and logical and cooperative. I DO need to discover if they are indeed letting me use my credits; if not I need to rearrage my schedule like hell (I am currently not in a history course) and if so I need to find something to do instead of the first semester of English. I am beginning to suspect my advisor really didn't know what she was doing with the CAP program students. meep.

Uh-oh. Kevin fell asleep in my presence. You know what that means. *snerk*
Yup. It means he has implied agreement to endless torment and tickling! BONZAI! *pounce*

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I just couldn't do it. He looks so cute and innocent when he's asleep. I couldn't bring myself to wake him up.

And it seems everyone feels the need to open a conversation with "Having fun?"

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(Last night, at the laundromat, upon seeing an ad in the newspaper for a 'lifestyle consultant')
Kevin: What's a lifestyle consultant do? Go around like... *points at me* Okay, you're gay...*points at imaginary person* And you're bi...*points at second imaginary person* And you live in a cardboard box.
Me: What about you?
Kevin: I get paid to make these decisions!
Me: know, if I'm gay....
Kevin: *pauses as he reflects on this* ... And I'm a woman!
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