August 11th, 2002


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And Kevin is at the airport. Probably boarded his plane, more than likely lifted off by now.
I don't want to go back to bed; it smells like him. So I will sit here at the computer, wishing he were sitting beside me coding something, or purring as I rub his shoulders, or laughing with me at silly websites.
I am hungry. I look in the fridge... coke; he left some here (caffeine feind!). Hmm.
Spicy popcorn shrimp. I know not why I have it; it's been there since I think the first shopping trip. Eh, what the hell.
My stomach is going to hate me later. *munch*
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The title of this entry is for the Tish.

Woke up from foot cramps that I've not had in ages. My toes just suddenly decide that any movement whatsoever will cause intense PAIN. They give me no reason for this. I missed that memo. Damned toes.

Trying to figure out why I cannot play music, when I realize Kevin set the computer's volume to 'mute' so as not to wake me up late at night whilst he chatted. He is thoughtful like that.
*rocks out*
Well, not really.

Reason to love Kevin #92,242,587.43:
The ice cream he got while he was here (there is quite a bit left) is low-fat and minty. Which means I feel much less guilty about the emotional ice cream binge I am about to embark on. And there's a half gallon of the stuff, so I'll have ice cream for the next week or so. Viva mint chocolate chip.

General moping aside, I seem to be handling this pretty well. I don't have much to compare it to, since I never spent time with Michael anywhere even remotely near this scale.
I think it's mostly that I did not lose whatever sense of self I possess. With Michael, I did. But I'm still here, still some semblance of a human being, and while I'm a much happier human being with Kevin nearby, I do not shrivel and die when he is not there (well, not that much, anyway). I miss him so much it physically hurts, but I'll live. There were times when, by this point, I would have been a bloody mess. Not a mark on me. (okay, there's a almost-entirely-faded mark on my neck, but that is entirely Kevin's fault! And it's a week old!)
I am sleepy again, but I don't want to go back to an empty bed.
At least he got home safely, and is hopefully catching up on some sleep (we were up 'til all hours last night laughing at funny websites and whatnot)
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*rowrhiss*/ HOT XXX SMILEY ACTION / want... geek...

Once more with the attempts of posting to the mature board, once more with the NOT POSTING OF THE PICTURE, GLAIVEN!
Sorry. Sorry.
*cough* Anyway, I was listening to "Criminal" over and over and over and over and I started thinking about when we read The Scarlet Letter in 11th grade (okay story, annoying writing, MS. MALONE SHOULD BE SHOT)...
I do not lj-cut this because it is only 300x300 pixels, damnit. If your friends list cannot handle that, there is something very wrong...

jenni_the_odd: now, is it just me, or is this smiley:
thinking, rather smugly, about how he just got laid?
jenni_the_odd: lookit that smug grin.
happymrlocust: O_o
jenni_the_odd: you KNOW he's getting some smiley action, there.
jenni_the_odd: probably with those hot little anime faces. Rowr.
happymrlocust: personally I'd have thought it had stolen some cookies.

*sits and waits for Kevin to wake and appear online*
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IE has decided it shall close randomly, when it sees fit. This means that I cannot view webpages for long, and I cannot browse through my files.
Every time my computer has died, this has been the first warning sign.
Damn it, am I just not supposed to touch electronic things? Is that it?
Does anyone have the faintest idea what could be causing this?
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