August 13th, 2002


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That was interesting...
Kelsey (driftingfocus), Tish (emperor_boy), and Zach (infernaltools) just randomly appeared and hung out for an hour or so. We discussed spikes, Le Miz, Tish took a shower, we played with the hamster, they were appropriately jealous of how adorable feyr is, and there was a grand weigh-in for the two smaller female people. Not anywhere near in that order, mind you.
This dip is the DEVIL.
Mmmmm, devil-dip...
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buhfly is my new hero for posting the link to this.
My brother is wearing a suit. I am afraid.

For some reason, the horrific thought of what it would be like should I ever have kids keeps appearing in my brain. Make it stop. There's a reason I decided I should not breed... Can you imagine what utter freaks I would produce?
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