August 18th, 2002


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Okay, that does it. Lamp before dresser. YES.
I need light. I function well in either very good lighting or almost no light at all. The halfassed "lights in half my apartment" setup working here currently is driving me batty during the instances when I need light (i.e. sewing or cleaning, etc.).
So I go a-hunting for a cheap, reasonably sturdy (doesn't need to be industrial-strength, just strong enough not to fall apart if I move it to vaccuum. I don't plan on banging into it at any point) lamp. If it's cheap enough, maybe two. And I'd better hurry; because it is Sunday, which means whatever isn't already closed, closes early...

I apparently also need a dresser, but as I'm getting on just fine without one so far, I will continue to function without it 'til a later date.
Tish's gift is sitting in front of me, guarding my tablet pen. *pets Little Steven*
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Wal-Mart is GOD.
Got two lamps, pretty cheap, they work decently well. I put them where I need them, and poof, Jenni has the neccessary light. Go me.
I also got flip-flops that fit (my feet are big. And wide. I am Sasquatch...) for $2. Viva Wal-Mart.

Lizard say: "MOWWWWWW"