August 20th, 2002


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I've been trying to read Sluggy Freelance for the past 36 hours or so...
But around May of 2000 or so, it stopped being funny... Around July of 2000 it stopped being even remotely entertaining...
Urge... to go on... fading...
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Things I missed about Houston:
  • Slugs - Well, slugs, snails, and other assorted slimy things. When it gets real humid, I could open the door and be greeted by big fat slugs everywhere. I've yet to see one here. Ditto for snails; not even the wimpy Houston snails we get, much less those awesome snails minnaloushe finds
  • Not Getting Lost - Well, okay, I still get lost in Houston every now and then, if I'm not familiar with the area of town I'm in. But in San Antonio, everything's so spread out that I worry if I get lost I'll wind up in Dallas.
  • Nice Street-Grids - This ties in with the not-getting-lost bit. Houston is built on a grid. Downtown, almost all streets are one-way, and they alternate directions. Sure, half of them are under construction so that at any given time, a wrong turn means you have to loop around the city and start over, but it's orderly. San Antonio's downtown appears to have been the same basic plan, but the city planner was on acid while drawing up the blueprints. These damned streets WIGGLE.
  • Distance - Being two hours away from Kevin vs. five hours. Okay, so that's sappy and we did not take advantage of that fact while I was in Houston, but SHHHH, you.
  • Kroger, Randalls, anything not H-fucking-EB - Okay, not so much. One store is as good as any other, really. It just creeped me out that there's about seven of them within five minutes of my apartment. That, and when I came back and mentioned how weird it was to be going to a different store, my mother felt the need to give me specific instructions on finding an item: "It's two or three aisles over"... Mom, I moved out to go to college, not get a lobotomy. And even if I was stupid enough to forget the layout of the store I've gone to on a regular basis to run errands for the last three years in the two weeks I've been gone, the aisles are labeled. Sometimes I worry about my mother....

    Things I do not miss:
  • Humidity - People here at orientation complained about the heat and (what they thought was) humidity. Then I said I was from Houston. All griping nearby ceased. Now, it's QUITE pleasant outside. Technically hotter than Houston, but one does not feel the immediate need for a shower upon stepping outdoors.
  • Knowing god-forsaken numbers of people - I have quite literally not introduced myself to a single human being while in this city. I am not likely to bump into one of my mother's thousands of friends, or someone who knows a doctor who once worked with my father, who knew me when I was two and fully expects me to know them. I can barely keep the names of my siblings straight. PSHHH, right. No one here knows me, and I know no one. This will work out when when I leave for Austin after the end of this school year. No messy goodbyes. Yay.
  • Questions - People constantly asking me "when do you leave for college?" "where are you going to college?" "what are you majoring in?" and the like. This ties in with the not-knowing-people. Go me.
  • Dial-up - Nyahahhaa, I have caaaaa-ble now...
  • My car is MINE again - I no longer have to run errands nor act as a taxi service for everyone and their inbred cousin Bubba. Normally, I don't mind giving rides. Hell, there were points last year where I was so out of it that it was pretty much all I was good for. But my social interaction tolerance (read: Actually having to speak to people vs. just being around them) is quite low. And I can't talk to myself when there are other people in my car, which makes me twitchy and unpleasant after long enough.
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