August 22nd, 2002


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After spending a week on KaZaA trying to find this damned song (It apparently did not exist), I uninstalled KaZaA, installed Morpheus, and boom, had it in three minutes. I love you, Morpheus.
I missed this song. It's good. It makes me giggle. It reminds me of Jyssic, or maybe the original Chris, with less of the wimpy attitude I eventually gave her...
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And this is so wrong...
But the title on the main page of Flem is: "You can run, and you can hide, but you cannot escape..."
And every fucking time I read it, I head that godforsaken Enrique Iglesias song... "You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love...."

My other AAAUUUUGHHHH! for the day:
This woman breaks every law of tasteful web design I can think of. Nevermind the content (that doesn't bother me) but her website MAKES MY EYES BLEED.
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Yes, and it's Quote Night here on Jenni's LiveJournal...

jdfiveash: Sending me to college is like sending a monkey to a walmart and going "now you behave"

infernaltools: You know, Jenni, the best thing to do at Wallmart is to set the balls free. Have you ever doen that?
infernaltools: They go everywhere.
jenni_the_odd: nooope.
jenni_the_odd: But I'm sure you enjoy letting your balls have the run of the store.
jenni_the_odd: *maintains straight face for approximately.... three seconds*

And oh, how I've missed #finalfight...

<Kazz> Personally, I'll have to see a picture of NeonId having sex with a woman before I believe a word anybody says in here. Anybody.
<Brentai> Dude, if Id hangs around in here it must mean that he's not having sex with anything.

<Lee-Ham> For the love of God and all that is holy! MY ANUS IS BLEEDING!
<Sede> That's probably what infected you in the first place
[Above is horribly out of context. Technically from two different conversations happening at once. But come on...]

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... Y'know, every time I have trouble with IE browser windows, it's only when I attempt to acces my art folder... always only after saving a .png file in there.

I'm thinking XP simply does not like .png files.

Edit: A-yup. Soon as I deleted that .png file, the error messages stopped.
Now, does anyone know WHY the hell it does that? Because I don't...
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