August 26th, 2002


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Weird dream last night. Involved being married to Kevin and having a little girl named Jordan. *blink* Ended when she was about 16, brought a girlfriend home and announced she was bi. Kevin and I looked at her, looked at each other, then back at her, and said: "Okay!"
Laid-back parents, we.
*shakes head* anyway.
First day 'o classes. English from 9:00 - 9:50, Math from 12:00 - 1:15, and Spanish from 5:30 - 6:45. Wheeee.
Now to dress myself and head off. Toodles.
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Oh, dear god, they followed me...

TWO of them.
You know the type. They were in YOUR high school Spanish classes, too.
- Giggly, they laugh at everything because apparently everything is an in-joke. Or perhaps they're just really easily amused.
- They flirt with almost anything that has a penis. Every time a male under 50 entered the classroom: "*catcall* Ooooh, moo-ey gwapo!". Yes, like that. See below.
- They speak Spanish with a Texan accent.* After having three years of the class. After three years it is no longer "Well, I was born 'n raised in Texas, y'all!", it is "I'm too lazy to bother to learn how to properly pronnounce "español"
- They wear makeup that no human being should ever possess. I don't care WHAT those teeny mags told you, pastel eyeshadow on tanned skin looks horrible. Particularly when applied so thick it cracks.
- They seem to think that wearing g-strings and low-riding jeans is attractive. In some cases, I can see how it might be. Perhaps if said g-string did not look like a piece of yarn coming from their ass. Then I'd say sure, go ahead, whatever you like. But that just looked trashy. In a BAD way.
- These two prime specimens listed among their hobbies: "Getting wasted". Lovely.
- They attempt to suck up to the teacher in ways that would annoy the six year-old who first thought them up, if ever he found out his ideas had been snitched. A little brownnosing by doing extra work is all well and good, go ahead. Smarmy compliments make everyone around you nauseous.

Fortunately, it wasn't just me. The two people sitting closest to me (I was in a corner, of course) both cringed every time either of the pair opened their mouths. An ex-Marine with one of the most cheerful dispositions I have ever encountered, looked like he might want to leap out the 3rd-story window to escape these girls. A freshman advisory worker very nearly whacked them with her bag on numerous occasions. I apologized to both on behalf of my class. I could've gotten away with saying nothing; both thought I was a junior or higher.

*Anyone who has heard this and can compare it with how Spanish should sound - rapid and flowing and beautifully passionate - will understand why it makes the baby Jesus cry and soil his Holy Diaper.
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My school found the BEST way to make students stay awake in their morning classes on the first day...
Before noon, there was a promotional thing giving away free Mt. Dew in the parking lot. heheh.
I bet there were a LOT of wired students in the 8 AM classes.

I have Monday off. I will be leaving for Houston on Saturday and returning on Monday so that I might attend my grandfather's 80th birthday party. 'Cause heck, you (usually) only turn 80 once...
And some really really not-functional part of my brain tells me to go to Houston on Friday instead and get Kevin to drive over to Houston to meet my family and so I can see him again. (Mostly so I can see him again. My siblings have this habit of scarring people for life...) I'd like him to meet my grandparents sometime. I wish he could have met my Abuelita. I think she would have liked him.
But that's not fair to him, to drag him out to Houston, Land of the GIant Skeeters, on short notice for only two days or so. And I know that with my parents, odds of me actually getting to hug him, much less- er, nevermind. *cough*

Everyone is making those LJ Trading cards. WELL, I WON'T!
I am SO not collectible. HMPH.

I ought to go to bed. I have class tomorrow at 8 AM. pewwww.

Kevin is adorable when he's sleeping.
Yes, you may throw things at me now. I think I exceeded the allotted sappiness level for this journal. *ducks*
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