September 9th, 2002


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I am so easily confused.
I am jenni_the_odd or jennitheodd on most places where you sign up for anything - but I use a different password for each. Sometimes I have to go through several passwords before I get the right one. I'm especially fond of confusing my LJ password with my email password, which Yahoo gets very angry with me for.

If my aunt Alice does not stop sending me cutesy emails chock-full of 'clever' jokes, I am going to have to kill her. With marshmellow peeps. Yeees.

Oooh, it's raining again. Hmm. To walk to class in the rain or no? Even if I were to drive; I'd still get wet. Might as well walk. Mmm, rain. Now if I could just figure out why the southern half of the campus parking lots smells like ASS, I would be content. They don't even have to get rid of the smell, I just want to know what on earth it is. It reeks. And it's just the southern half of a stretch of parking lot between the apartments and the recreation center. Hrm.

My nails are painted a lovely shiny black. Hopefully this will discourage me from gnawing on them. Probably not, but might as well try.

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It stops raining, I step outside to go to class, and the heavens see fit to have me take a second shower today. I was drenched before I even got to where my car was parked, so I figured I might as well walk the whole way. I did, and dripped through my algebra class, got re-drenched on the way back, and now I sit curled up in a blanket. Mmm, blanket.
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I've been looking for a particular scrap of CSS code for the past... year, I think?
Transparent tables/backgrounds.
As in, you have a fixed background, fine, and there's a table over it - the tables background transparency is set to some percentage, so while it's still colored, you can see through it. I can't find it anywhere on any tutorials. Nor can I find webpages with it, though I've seen some in the past. And now for some reason, 'view source'... won't. I can't get a look at any source code anywhere, which is just beyond frustrating.
Does ANYONE know of this particular code? Anyone? Please?
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"Shiver me buckos, ye timber-lovers! I don't know what that means, but it sounds dirty!" - Kevin

I say happymrlocust needs to start dressing as a pirate. Who's with me? ARRR!

(Spontaneous Pirate Activity caused by this. Blame lokabrenna)

After a full three minutes of deciding, I have determined that I shall NOT attend my Spanish class today. The reasons are as follows:
- only clean pair of pants (it's laundry day; I wash tonight!) are still cold and clammy and hung up to dry from this morning's excursion into the madness of the university
- Teacher will not be there. We are supposed to somehow meet up with our assigned groups and research a country. I am an IDIOT and did not sign up for the proper group. This means I would spend my time hunting down people I don't know in order to determine which group needs someone.
- I can research each and every country here at my computer/tomorrow/Wed in the library. I will have something to contribute regardless of what country they give me.
- I'm warm and cozy here wrapped in my bedsheets, dammit.
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