September 11th, 2002



I have a webcam.
I am shirtless.
And braless.
No, you can't see anything but shoulders.
(Unless you are Kevin. *cough*)

Michael, upon going to college, has become a dirty old man. *snerk*
Michael: Well then. I bid you goodnight, boobs. I mean Jenni. I mean

In other news, crotalus_atrox is gorgeous!
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And now, the event we've waited a year for, the September 11 rant...

What to know where I was on 9/11/01? Look on my LJ calendar. It's all there.

Yahoo's homepage is all gray in 'rememberance' of 9/11. Which implies that anyone allowed us to forget it in the first place.
Look, people die every day as a result of human cruelty. The average Joe who was shot on September 10, 2001 is no less dead than someone who died in the WTC. Yes, it was terrible. But guess what: if you never sang the national anthem and meant it before 9/11 and you mean it now because big buildings fell down, then hey, guess what, I think that's rather sucky. Yay patriotism and whatnot. Hurrah for believing in freedom and justice and all the other lovely 'if-only's But if you needed something like what happened a year ago to function as your wakeup call, then there's something wrong here.
The terrorists did their jobs damned well. They caused terror. They turned America into a hive of paranoid idiots (as opposed to previously, when it was simply a large collection of unbearably smug idiots). With all this news coverage and paranoia and charity funding and report after report after report as everyone tries to milk each last drop of coverage out of 9/11, the terrorists won. They scared a nation shitless. Said nation retaliates.
People died.
More will die before this is over.
If it's ever really 'over'.
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Astounding, isn't it, how merely mentioning breasts in the title of a post gets you so many comments

Happy birthday to pegasus_!

Slept a whopping 2 hours last night. I am tired. This is to be expected.

There is some sort of organizations-fair going on here at UTSA. I wandered around, having time between classes, and was disappointed to see nothing related to computers, anime, or art of any sort save theater (which I will not do out of principle; no one wants the fat girl to act). Those are usually the only way I can find common ground with most people in a social setting. However, this does mean I may continue my complete lack of socialization. Which works just fine for me.

Someone (I don't think it was me, and my mother denies all knowledge) signed me up for two weeks of newspapers for free. Some sort of trial-promotional thing. So I have two weeks worth of newspapers.
I am tempted to make a large paper-mache tyrannosaurus, simply because I CAN.
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... I am so, so afraid
Rachel: oh dear God...
Rachel: <stares>
Rachel: <closes window>
Me: poor kitty
Rachel: let us never speak of this again

Spanish problem solved easily; apparently I was not the only one stupid enough to make the mistake I did. Hurrah.
Sociology and Biology exams tomorrow. I just realized that those two classes (the ones I find most difficult simply because there is a lot to remember in both) always have exams on the same day. Even the finals. Fucknuggets.

This song is eating away at my BRAIN...
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