September 12th, 2002


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Scantrons are my friends. There are several reasons for this:
- The answers are provided for you. Particularly in math exams, if you're stumped, you can work backward. Lovely.
- I'm a quick reader. Therefore, I can finish scantron exams in roughly half the time it takes most people. The only times I will take the full testing period on an exam is if I don't know the material at all (in which case I am actually more likely to guess using what reasoning I can, which takes only minimally longer), or if the exam also includes written questions. Written questions are my mortal enemy - essays in particular. I possess utter loathing for essays.
- If I know the material, my first answer (unless I misread the questions or options entirely) is almost always the correct one. This posed a problem my junior year of English, where my teacher insisted that I go back and re-evaluate my answers. I sat, did nothing, and turned it in again after ten minutes or so. For some reason, this made it acceptable. I pointed out to her what I was doing, and that I was getting the correct answers. She stopped telling me to slow down after I completed it, then to the side wrote down my 'second attempts' after carefully re-evaluating each question. I talked myself out of almost a third of the correct answers, pointed out to her that I had a habit of doing so if allowed to second-guess myself to death, and she shut up. 'Twas a lovely thing.

Bio exam... meh. I've taken excessive notes in that class; if I don't know it by now I never will (cramming has never worked properly for me).

Kevin visits next Friday. *purrrrr*
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See Jenni. See Jenni shamelessly steal from illiana because she is bored!

Ten Random Things About Me Today

1. I have had Saves the Day's "Cars and Calories" stuck in my head for the past week. I finally broke down and asked Nicole what the song was (I only remembered one line; having heard it multiple times in the car with her but also having blocked most music in the car out)
2. My shirt has a dragon on it. Wheeee.
3. I have apple juice.
4. Seeing illiana's posts made me remember that we saw a flyer for Bozo Porno Circus at Condoms Galore (it's a shop on Montrose. Right between a Taco Cabana and Interfaith Ministries. Let's go eat tacos, fuck each other silly, and find God! Yeah, baby) when Kevin, Tish, John and I all wandered around during Kevin's visit.
5.It took me all of 22 hours to completely chip the paint off my nails. I spent the better part of an Algebra lecture scratching off the last remnants.
6. Now that my nails are naked again, I can see I am once more so cold, they have turned blue. I do not understand this - the thermostat is not set that low, unless I managed to accidentally run into it (I have no sense of balance) and knock it down again...
7. I am in a very, very silly mood today.
8. I have little marks all over my arms from breaking the skin from scratching too hard. Damned dry skin. Oops, bleeding again...
9. I have a Little Steven voodoo doll... and that's right, you don't. Poor you. I'd share him, but that would require separating him into many bits, and I doubt he would appreciate that.
10. Every now and then, I want to restart Makenzie's Locker. Or begin Seeing Purple People. And then I am overwhelmed by apathy and general laziness. blaah.
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I can smell your spicy brains!

AHAHAHAHAHA. I can't help but think that is me as a cat. (bless you, painispretty, for the link)

I found a butterfly outdoors. He is pretty. He also appears to have something wrong with his leg(s). One of his eyes looked a bit off, too - half of it was dull and dark. Poor thing. I put my hand next to him and he crawled right on, and was kind enough to sit still and even spread his wings so I could take some pictures of him before letting him go outside on a lovely flowering shrub. But his wing is torn, and so I don't think he can fly... I'd love to have kept him, but I've no idea how to properly care for a butterfly and I doubt I'd do a good job of it even if I did.
Now watch, he'll turn out to be of a species of rare, man-eating butterflies, and he and his brethren will come devour me as I sleep.
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Butterfly piccies.
The webcam is useful even when I'm not feeling like an exhibitionist!
Though, to an extent, posting a journal online for public viewing would most certainly constitute exhibitionism, wouldn't it?
Then there's the concept of the 'friends-only' journals... the idea of being selective who you whore your thoughts out to.
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