September 16th, 2002


Watch me do my dance! Ha-cha-cha!

I have toast. Mmmm, toast. Lunch of champions, I am sure.
There is half-assed rain outside. Not a storm, just enough to tint the sky gray. And a few wayward drops, not enough to soak me on my travels to class, but enough to render me sufficiently damp as to make everything feel humid. *shakes fist at the sky* One way or the other, I say! Downpour or nothing!

I am surprisingly active, on four hours of sleep and some green tea. It's astounding. I do expect Algebra will put me to sleep, though. It's a lovely cure for insomnia.
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    I have the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show running through my head. Oh dear.

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It is cool (hey now, that description is relative. To me, 75 degrees is downright chilly!) and gray outside.
I found a packet of instant cocoa mix.
You know what this means...
That's right. I'm sitting here blowing bubbles into my hot cocoa. I am a small child.

"Dear Resident. From Tuesday, September 17th to Friday, September 20th, maintenance will be coming into your apartment to fix the air conditioner... blah blah..."
Drat. Guess this means I have to wear pants this week...
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    calm calm

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Greg dyed his hair! I am told it is now a teal-esque color (much to his dismay, as he was apparently going for a dark blue). But Drew has promised me pictures.

... My shoe broke. Curses. I shall attempt to fix it.

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Well, the gods of Wal-Mart smiled upon me and I found the exact same pair of shoes that fell apart (they were inexpensive, and I consider a year of near-constant use and abuse well worth $12), in my size, on the clearance shelf. For $3.