September 18th, 2002


By day, mild-mannered college student... But by night, she is - THE CAFFEINATED FREAK!

I drew somthin'. To Darren Hayes' "Spin". I am learning - I spent a good hour darkening her outline so it would scan decently.

Yeesh, I sound like some self-righteous know-it-all, dispensing advice to artists who are better than I am... Thing is, I know what should be done, but damned if I know how to do it. That's all trial and error... that's all any artist does.

And this 'Not-sleeping-til-three' schedule of mine is NOT good.
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Spanish class is less and less appealing with every passing second.
I love the language, I hate the class. Because she spends time earlier in the day teaching middle schoolers, the best we can really hope for from the profesora is that she will treat us like high schoolers. At this point, the course is basically the same as it was in high school - come to think of it, it's simpler. No homework. (That part, I do not mind so much)
Giggly Freshman Girls #1 and #2 are not helping much, either.
There is, however, a nice cynical guy named Kevin who sits in front of me when he bothers to attend class, and he is interesting. Ex:
Kevin: "So, we're supposed to give them the answers they want, rather than think for ourselves and offer answers that are correct?"
Me: "*gasp!* Think for ourselves? HEAVENS, no! We're Spanish 1 students! We can barely walk upright!"
But there is a lab I need to go to after class, for a quiz grade. Meh. So it's off I go to stare at a wall and mumble the days of the week and months of the year.
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Okay, so his hair isn't as blue as I was led to believe, but it still looks nifty. Marvel, won't you, at Greg. Ain't he cute?

Yeah, remembered that I have a DA site. Meh.

[ Jenni will now be really mean in her criticism of an 'artist' on DeviantArt. She is venting.]
... Oh dear sweet god. I feel oddly insulted, as should anyone who's ever created anything. This person just took pictures (several pretty crappy quality, too) of NGE's Rei, stuck them on top of one another, and inverted sections of them.
I'm elitist. So sue me. I think art should require some effort. My sister, when 5-6 years old, did stuff like that on accident when I let her play with the computer paint programs.

This just makes my eyes bleed. I'd cry, too, if someone did that to an image of me. Ow.

They call themselves a "Manipulator" of art... And here I was hoping that people who did stuff like that at least manipulated artwork for the better...
[ Jenni will now stop being so mean. Think happy thoughts. Puppies, for example. Everyone loves puppies. Rabid puppies.]
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