September 24th, 2002


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Oooooooooooh... shiny. Now, lemme fight something.
Livejournal's offering Permanent Accounts... On one hand, I want one, but on the other hand, I almost wonder if I'll 'grow out' of this Livejournal 'phase'. Hrm. On the other other hand, I'm a hopeless LJ addict. On the other other hand, I don't have $100 to spend on something like that. On the other other other hand, I am a five-handed freak!

Went driving around downtown San Antonio with jenndolari. Much fun. I like pretty buildings and I am easily distracted by shiny things, and there was an abundance of both. Yay!

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Saw the Farah Fawcett Hair Guy again today.
And by that title, I don't mean he has fluffy Kelso-hair. Oh no. This is big, blond, "Suddenly-I'm-Farah-Fawcett-from-TV"-line-in-Hedwig hair. It is yellow to the point of almost seeming fake and looks so soft and poofy. I want to pet it, but I suspect that might really scare the poor guy.

Oh, it's so beautiful outside. I don't know if it's just a cold front or if autumn is actually here, but it's in the low 80s, and it's wonderful.

Kevin's lamp provides unending distraction. It's this lamp, but with blue glass and red light, which gives off a wonderfully eerie red/blue/purple glow. He got it when he was in Houston (as they were about $30 in a store there as opposed to $75 on and then left it in my car because we are all scatterbrained and no one remembered. Dorks, the lot of us. So yeah. He opened it and plugged it in while he was here, and we both spent ridiculous amounts of time staring at the shiny thing. We should be shot. He left it here since he didn't have enough room for it, and I am holding it hostage until he comes and gets it again. (okay, thinly veiled excuse to get him to visit. I'll probably ship it to him sometime soon when I have some cash)
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The levels 'o sass on this ship be too high, wench! You'd best be walkin' the plank, yarrrr

victory_radio: ich habe eine Email von Christoph bekommen!
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Speaking of CSS, now that I have that blessed opacity filter, I'm attempting to use layers so that I might make the background selectively transparent, while the images and text on it are not. We shall see how I accomplish this, or if I don't and instead set my computer on fire with the sheer power of my incompetence.