October 7th, 2002


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I'd almost forgotten how much I love horses. You know how most girls go through a horse-crazy phase? Well, I never grew out of it.
Too... many... critters... on... friends... list...
Warm... fuzzy.... overload....
(on occasion, scaly overload. Someone had a pretty snake!)

Happy Birthday to crotalus_atrox!

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Sparky the Dancing Crack Owl!

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My mood swings have been horrible lately. Moreso than usual. Within hours of each other. Triggered by nothing at all.

Either I'm pregnant, or just crazy.
And since the first is an impossibility...

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Got this result to a "what kind of artist are you?" quiz.
You're the rennaisance artist. True genuis of your time. You really are ahead of your generation... A solid rock of a writer and artist all around. Very eloquent in all that you do...
Made me think, though. At lunch one day my junior year, Ben said I was the only artist he knew. I pointed out that he at least knew Arora, and she was an artist.
"No," he said, "She draws. But you're a real artist."
I still don't know what he meant by that.

I found a Toby song. Matchbox 20's "Disease".
I can't live without you,
Tell me what am I supposed to do about it?
Keep your distance from me
Don't pay no attention to me
I got a disease...

That's Toby.

Now, back to studying for Bio.
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