October 8th, 2002


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How much rain, you ask?
Well, until this morning, the sponge-like properties of my Big Black Jacket had never been truly observed. It is now making a very large puddle on my floor. After being wrung out.
Pffft. Figures. It only rains while I'm walking back from class. Nooo, now it's nice and clear. Well, gray. But clear. *shakes fist at the sky* I and my umbrella will thwart you yet!
Yes, I stole my umbrella from home. It is mine because I found it. It was in the middle of a moderately busy intersection near my house, and had survived being run over at least twice (I saw two cars go over it and I have no idea how long it had been there). I figured any umbrella tough enough to handle that deserved better than to be lying unloved on the street. So I picked it up. It functions just fine. I can fly with it.
Okay, maybe not. But it does work perfectly.

Kevin is ungodly amounts of sweet. I really do not know how to deal with this. I feel I should either run away screaming or propose marraige. I am guessing I should find some middle ground.
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Okay, okay. Confession time.
2-3 years ago (whenever it was first on Cartoon Network), I used to be a Gundam Wing Fangirl.
The whole nine yards. Yaoi mailing lists (if you don't know what yaoi is, I refuse to explain it, because I am verbose and will take days to do so. Ask Jeeves), fanart, even - yes - fanfic. Shounen-ai only. I'm a sap.
Now, because I was on the mailing lists, when I posted my fics, they usually wound up on several sites. I have long since lost track of where the hell they are. I really don't care. I don't like fanart/fic much at this point, and while some if it is lovely, it got real old real fast. Also, this was a year ago, so my art was even crappier then than it is now.
But every now and then I get an email concerning one fic or another, saying "I liked your story, I hope you write more stuff soon!"
And it is creepy.
It's like another life...
However, I still think Wufei is cute. And no, I really don't know why.
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    should be shot/creeped out

I argue with away messages. ("I laugh at trees!")

I really must stop reading my friends list constantly, it makes me want pets something awful (someone had the cutest. lizard. ever.). Yeah, screw my family, I miss the KITTY! (I kid, I kid.)
And the hamster. Poor, confused hamster. No one is quite sure what his name is. You get a different answer depending on who you ask. I refer to him as FuzzButt most of the time because, well, he's a longhaired hamster. It's a fitting description.

Pets make me go: XD
Jenni = freak who actually makes those damned emoticon faces. When I used to use the emoticons, it meant my face was really doing that. I stopped using them when my face stopped moving.

My Big Black Jacket is still drip-drying. I should rename it the Big Black Sponge. Of Doom. Natch.

jenni_the_odd: You have been idle for 19 hours.
Therefore, you are dead.
Auto response from [Michael]: Asleep
jenni_the_odd: DEAD!

Hey, it could be worse. Last time his away message was "I'm out".
I finished the sentance. Repeatedly.
"Out... of the closet?"
"Out... of my mind?"
"Out... of clean pants?"
"Out... buying a bat with which to bludgeon Jenni?"
I can be way too easily amused.

I have learned to stay away from the DeviantArt Forums. 'Tis a stupid place.

Oh, Nico~ole...