October 10th, 2002


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Heee. Only time I have ever been mistaken for a celebrity. And yes, I count well-known webcomic authors as celebrities. And I am flattered. Heee.
Hmmm, Matt/Jared smut...
*shakes head* nonononobad. Jared is rather homophobic, for starters. Drat. Though I'd be willing to bet Matt might shag anything that moves and a few things that don't. Because he is Matt, and that's how he is (horny). Jared will only shag- well, that depends on which version of the story you go by.

Happy Birthday to jester4389! I ♥ you. And so does the trout. You know you want the trout. Embrace the trout. GIVE IN TO THE HOT TROUT-LOVIN'!

For some reason my brain decided NOW is a lovely time to attempt to escape the confines of my skull, apparently through the left region of my head, both by attempting to ram through the back and through my eyeball. OW. Stupid brain.
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