October 14th, 2002


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Am trying to make a Livejournal style. Am quite frustrated because (and maybe I'm just stupid, but...) it seems the extent of the help offered on the site is a FAQ filled with lots of strange symbols that I can read through and really not comprehend.
The fact that in the little preview they tell you to keep open, it keeps insisting I do not have a valid user ID, style, etc. is not helping, either.
I have specific images and placements I want to employ, and I can find nothing assisting me in figuring out how the hell to go about this. 'View source' on people whose journals are similar does nothing. I can do it in HTML, no problem. But I have no clue how to apply that to LiveJournal. I don't mean the little things like changing what the links say, I mean the actual layout.
If someone familiar with livejournal styles (I know Kelsey is, I plan on bombarding her with my ineptitude the instant I see her online) could offer me some help via AIM, I'd appreciate it. I'm on as JennitheOdd (because I am oh-so-creative about usernames).

*sigh* I get the feeling it's secretly very simple, and I am just not getting it.
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This (and every other mental health quiz I've ever seen) would have me believe I have Borderline Personality Disorder. Silly quizzes.
I have downloaded clips of Whose Line Is It, Anyway? and I am laughing. Heee.