October 15th, 2002


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This causes great amusement on my part.
With the wonders of tea and vanilla soy milk, I have chai. It is very tasty.
Have grown sick of attempting to wrangle the former design for Tish's site into what it ought to be to function, am contemplating scrapping the whole design and starting over.
... Am also wondering why the hell Tish needs a site, since she keeps saying her scanner is not-very-functional and therefore I have no new drawings of hers to incorporate into the site design, nor the promise of (m)any scanned items in the near future... I also have no effin' clue how many comics she's going to put on the thing and how to adjust the site structure to handle what she feels like doing. Am also realizing that unless she makes good use of Dreamweaver and/or that HTML book I gave her, I will wind up needing to do most, if no all, of the updates for her. Meh.

Rapidly growing bitchy and the urge to talk to people is nearing the point of being nonexistant. Hi, PMS.

Am also going to kill the next person who orders me to start ML back up again. Will only kick the ones who beg. I'm really tempted to never even go near it again just to spite them. Yes... and I'll delete my DeviantArt account and remove all my art that's ever been on any online server anywhere... and then they will whine, and I will point and laugh, because if you have nothing better to do than gripe about the loss of what was at best a mediocre comic, you are a sad, pathetic being. And I probably hate you.

la la la la la la, la la la la la....

Headache is pounding in my skull and I suspect I will be much more reasonable once it goes away.
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