October 23rd, 2002


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I think it is rather disturbing that while I have difficulty recalling my social security and phone numbers, which I must use/give out near daily for various activities, I can recall very easily my ICQ number, which I have not used in something like a year.
All together now: "FREAK!"
My friends list provides interesting/moderately disturbing, very disturbing, and quite funny things all in one day!
#1 (interesting, mod. desturbing)
#2 (very disturbing)
#3 (quite funny)
My uterus hurts.
And I am wondering what was supposed to be here, as shinken gave me the link and it no workee. Neither are BMB's daily pages. I wonder if keenspace is being funky or if some other mischief is about.

Jenni's Deep Dark Secret: I do not mind dance music. In fact, I have been known to be rather fond of some of it - occasionally liking dance remixes much more than the original songs. This is an eternal mystery, as you are more likely to discover Nessie in your bathtub than get me to dance. HOWEVER. Someone near my apartment has been playing the same song - or at the very least it has the same bassline - for over a week now. This does not equal good things for the Headaches d'Jenni. My evil bitchy side says to play anime theme songs very very loudly. My more evil, more bitchy side says to locate them and throw things through their windows. My sensible side says the former will drive me batty and the latter will get me arrested. Damn that sensible side. Never lets me have any fun.
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