October 24th, 2002


Quit trying to eat my brain, you lot. I mean it this time.

I had a weird dream last night that I went to Houston to pick up Ye Olde Pervert Crewe and bring them here - were were going to Sea World for some reason. They (Greg, John, Tish, and Drew) were all staying in my apartment, and when we were all ready to pass out and go to sleep we discovered Greg had forgotten his sleeping bag, so since Tish and I were gonna share the futon, I said he could sleep there with us so long as I was in the middle because I wanted no molestation of the Tish. I then agreed that they could poke her repeatedly if she didn't wake up first, but that was it. Really. So we all went to sleep (on a rather crowded futon and sleeping bags on the floor for Drew and John), John talked in his sleep and we laughed at him because he was mumbling something about broccoli, and then I woke up and Greg was latched onto my arm. I woke Tish up to help me remove him, but she went "Mphfm." and went back to sleep. And I couldn't get him to let go of my arm. So I had to stay there until he woke up. And then we all went to Sea World and Drew wanted to swim with the dolphins but we wouldn't let him. Then I woke up. It was funny.

My writing consists of excruciatingly long and convoluted sentances and very short, choppy ones. Lovely.
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