October 25th, 2002


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We discussed comics as a way of expressing independent thought today in Engligh. How I love that class. *purr* It makes Jenni happy and squishy. Er, right. Maybe not so much squishy, per se.
I have some dry tortilla soup mix (as I am not my mother and therefore will not make it from scratch. Yet. Once I get her recipe and divide it by something like 8 since she usually makes enough to feed many many people, I will try) and I am contemplating leaving my abode to hunt down some tortillas. Mmmm, tortillas.
It is quite cold and wet outside. I live for days like these.
Everyone in my English class thought Lynn, the woman who sits next to me, was winning the longest-hair competition. HAH. I have her beat by a good three or four inches. And today they found out, as I could not find my hair clip before I left. Viva my hair. I'd actually like for it to grow some more. Once it hits my knees, I think I'll cut it off at mid-back and donate it to Locks of Love or some such organization. Then grow it again. Wheeee.

I guess I will venture out and about for tortillas. And also I shall see if there is anyplace in this city I can find a Korean or Japanese grocery. Those stores are the BEST.
Hmm. I suppose that means I should get dressed (I have this habit of not-being-clothed while in the confines of mine fortress. I find it discourages solicitors).
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