October 31st, 2002


Just realized while looking at her...

Kitty is goth-tastic. Black lips, black around her eyes (even little 'tears' at the inside corners of her eyes - like Tabitha from BMB), and where she is not black she is very very pale...
No wonder she enjoys playing with the laces of my Boots 'O Doom so much.

Hamster puppet: 1
Kitty: 0

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Me likey the scrawny goth boys.
*eyes Kevin* eeeheeheeheee....
Nah, He's a sexy jedi. Quite good enough. And I get to make naughty 'lightsaber' jokes.

Oh yes, happy halloween and whatnot. I'll be bothered to dress up next year when I weigh less. Really. Who knows, I might even leave the house.

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hylandsdeath, I need to know if you really want this cat bad enough to come get her (really, I'd recommend saving yourself the trip and getting a kitty from a local shelter), because if not I need to take her to the no-kill shelter tomorrow so I can actually clean up around here. (she enjoys being by my feet. Since my feet are as big as she is, this is no good when I walk...)