November 7th, 2002


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... I want to know why he was looking up Martin Van Buren, too...
Though truth be told, I'm more curious about mcevil. It sounds like a McDonald's Sandwich of DOOM. McEvil. "Would you like a cursed hell-beverage with that?"
Only Nicole remembers that wacky cursed hell-beverage.
Mmmmm, hell-beverage.
[I am a lot less cranky after ungodly amounts of sleep yesterday as well as just getting to talk to Kevin. And I just ranted about people who can't seem to use use common sense, which I will not post here because it will make people feel stupid and I dont' want to deal with then trying to reassure them that they are NOT stupid, they just act like it sometimes. It's more trouble than posting the rant is worth.]

Hello my darling sea monkeys....

Just realized Lobster Hat arrived in the mail days ago and I need to retrieve it from the office. I somehow misplaced the slip of paper saying this...
I get a Kevin in 24 hours and 30 minutes Yay. (can I keep him, mom? Can I? huh? The apartment lease says no cats, but it never once mentions Kevins!)

I need to...
  • do laundry
  • clean up
  • study for bio (hatehatehatehatehate)
  • OMG

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    I surprised myself by remembering the password for my keenspace site, went to look at the logs, and.... what the hell...
    ML got 1294 visits in October. 1294.

    I cannot recall off the top of my head, and since the logs are gone I cannot check, but I suspect that's as good or better than it was doing during some months when it was being actively updated.
    The hell? Has someone been secretly updating it and just not telling me?
    Crazy readers...

    Oh yes! Collapse )