November 12th, 2002



I have successfully trained my parents to expect no better than mediocrity from me, as they were not too surprised when I told them my biology grade (as it has been steadily kicking my ass for some time now) will most likely prevent me going to UT Austin. Hurrah! They can be taught, through steady disappointment and lowering of standards.
This lack of relocation does not bother me in the least (seeing as it appears my options would be live as a hermit in San Antonio or live as a hermit in Austin).
orochimike, however, seems to miss me - he tends to require pictures of me every so often. Whether this is some strange form of dementia or he just forgets what people look like very easily, I am not sure. I sent him an image of myself peering out suspiciously from a bedsheet that made me look like a minty-green lump with hair. I love my bedsheet. It has not been near my bed for some time; I instead use it to keep myself warm while sitting at the computer. I dare not turn up the heat, since my AC has two settings: 'Arctic' or 'Tropics'. I prefer 'Arctic', as I can simply layer on the warmth.

I have cold lasagna (due to equal parts "I don't feel like heating it up" and "I like cold lasagna") for lunch. I also have YooHoo lite, which is delicious and all of 70 calories. Yumyum.
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Starbucks has...
I don't care how much you hate Starbucks because they are evil and taking over the world blah blah blah...
They have combined peppermint, chocolate, and coffee into one orgasmic drink. Therefore, they get my money.
I am pleased.
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Alex will be moving in with my family for three months. This means madness. MADNESS, I SAY.

My mom brought up the fact that he might be coming to live with them this weekend... I must admit my first instinct was to hiss:
"You wouldn't let Tish move in with us when her home life was hell."
But then again Alex is a guy (my mom is real big on the 'no girls around Gabriel's age staying with us' thing, as apparently it is not proper), and he goes to the same school and has the same extracurricular activities as Gabriel does - thusly requiring little to no extra transportation effort. His dad is also cooperative, which helps. I'd wager Tish's grandmother would not have been too pleasant to deal with had we gone to her saying "look, bitch, give us your granddaughter, as you are not fit to live with". They also now have an extra room and the ability to handle an addition to the clan (Tish needed to be moved around the time my Abuelita was nearing her last month or so - so everyone was incredibly stressed and the house was full)
So after reasoning it out I was no longer angry at my parents for accepting Alex when they did (could) not accept Tish.

But dear GOD, our house will be even MORE insane than usual. Meep.
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This is one of those times when I really feel I ought not to speak to anyone.
"You need to get some fucking common sense. You're too damned smart to be acting like such an idiot."
"You think you are so mature... Really, you're one of the most immature people I have ever met."
"You... I don't know what to say, it's alternately go away and come back."
"You can just fuck off, I no longer give a shit about what you think or say. You aren't worth it."
"You need to accept that I have changed. Stop talking to the person you remember, they are gone. I'm here now."

Problem is, these are likely to change at random. And so I dare not say what is on my mind. I tell the truth, but the truth is relative to the time I tell it in. What is the truth from me one minute may be false the next. And if I want to not hurt people's feelings, I can't say what I really mean most of the time. If nothing else, they would grow annoyed with my habit of contradicting myself every few minutes.

Damned mood swings.
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