November 25th, 2002


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Oooh! Ooooh! Someone's miffed at me again!

This is the sound of me not caring:
Blip, bloop.*

*Note: The sound of me not caring sounds much like R2-D2 because I secretly am R2-D2!

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Note to self: If stomach = upset, do not consume orange juice, as said juicy goodness will almost immediately vacate innards accompanied by anything consumed within the past few hours.

English translation: OJ apparently makes me throw up when my tummy hurts. Yaaaaaaaaay. It burns.
This is why I don't drink alcohol. I can't handle friggin' orange juice. I am a pansy.

I have a paper to write and it is STILL not written, however it has resulted in some ideas for Seeing Purple People, but I am too shaky to think about drawing anything.
Paper needs to be 10-15 pages, but has a 5-page outline I've had done for a week, so really, it shouldn't be as daunting a task as I am making it. It's all in my head. It's also due in 4.5 hours. WHEEEE.
I also have a biology test tomrorrow. Now, in the event that God smiles upon me and/or I sell my soul and make As on both this test and the final, I might pull off decent Bio grades.
In Reality, however, I might as well just make designs on my scantron because I am royally fucked up the arse without sufficient lube. :D <--- THIS SMILEY IS SARCASM. YAY SARCASM.

I shouldn't be allowed near computers at this hour. I really shouldn't.

Also, I think Kevin-from-Spanish is dead. Or not answering my IMs. Same thing. I think.

I just realized I haven't checked my email in weeks. Meep.
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Tish, Greg:
When you inevitably form an almighty animation company that will devour Disney like so much shrimp lo mein, for the love of all things good in this world, make sure to snag verunne and pay her well. If only for this, because that green slug-creature looks like a baby Hutt and is STILL so damned cute that I can't help but want to keep it as a pet. Yes.
See also: my friends list re: list of people who'd make damned good artists/animators/writers/voice actors/models (if nothing else).
Someday I will make a huge cross-indexed comprehensive list of everyone on my friends list and what position they'd be best suited for in said Disney-Devouring Company. But that will take hours.
And right now I have... oop. Three hours 'til paper is due. Still no paper. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH*die*
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Furthering my goal of avoiding every major holiday...

Well. I have classes on Wednesday that apparently are very important for me to attend. The last class (that I need to go to) ends at 6:45. Which means I'd be getting to Houston about 10. Which means I'd be going on Thursday instead.
I might not be going home over Thanksgiving.
This is bad because...
- Five months ago, a temporary cap was put on my tooth. I was told to return to the dentist in a few weeks to have it replaced with a permanent one. I then moved to San Antonio. After five months, it gave up the ghost and fell off. While it does not hurt, it feels very strange and is probably not a good thing to be capless.
- I will not get to see Kevin, nor anyone else.
This is good because...
- That's 3 hours of driving to Houston on Thursday, 2 hours to Vidor on Friday, 2 hours to Houston on Saturday, and 3 hours back to San Antonio on Sunday.
- Given people's habits of scheduling lots of stuff for me without telling me, it is a pretty sure bet that I'd return tired and thoroughly sick of human contact, at which point I will have to write the final draft of the paper that is my final exam grade in English.

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Part of me wants to be pissed off because I don't give a damn who I hurt lately, and no, I really don't want to go home for Thanksgiving. I wouldn't mind staying right here until next August, thanks.

And the rest of me has been made to feel insanely guilty purposely by Nicole and unintentionally by Kevin. I am glad Tish is not online to talk, as she can make me feel guilty for breathing. Am glad Greg is not speaking to me, for the same reason.

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Going to Houston for Thanksgiving.
Now you decide whether the expression on my face is a smile or a baring of teeth.
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