November 26th, 2002


To: The girls in my apartment complex Re: screaming

Now, judging by the flahses of light, booming noises, and what sounds like either drops of water or thousands of little insects committing suicide against my door and window, I'd say we're having a thunderstorm. Yes, I understand that the power went out and came back on after a few minutes. Please cease screaming so loudly that I can hear you despite being in another building. If you insist on sounding as though you are in a slasher flick, I will very obligingly come over with a big butcher knife. Thank you.
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[03:26] jenni_the_odd: note to self: now that I am no longer being watched by teachers on "columbine alert", obtain big black trench coat. Then proceed to kick ass.
[03:26] jenndolari: Make sure to hide LOTS of toy guns in the coat.
[03:26] jenni_the_odd: of course.
[03:26] jenni_the_odd: "WHO WANTS SOME?"
[03:26] jenni_the_odd: Of course, just to fuck with people's heads, I'd go shoot up a Hot Topic.
[03:27] jenndolari: "That's a Han Solo blaster."
[03:27] jenni_the_odd: wearing an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt.
[03:27] jenni_the_odd: reeeeeally confuse educators everywhere

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No, I don't want to hear about a great deal, learn how to increase my libido, watch hot farm girls get kinky with Mr. Ed, spy on teen girls for free, find out if my girlfriend shaves her pussy, or increase my penis size.
Really. I don't.
Note to self: Check mail every day, lest you be devoured by spam. Evil spam.

It also never ceases to startle me when I get an email concerning ML. It's been dead for over half a year and apparently people are still just discovering that fact. That they went that long without checking it would indicate that they didn't really care about it... but then they take the time to email me about it's death.
Readers confuse me.

Sat next to Racist Biker Dude during the bio exam I doubtless failed. I call him Racist Biker Dude because... he is. He talked today about how he hated white people and how white chicks were fine to mess around with, but he'd never marry one. I've yet to see him talk to anyone who isn't Mexican (or, as in my case, at least looks Mexican). I don't have the heart to tell him I'm not Mexican at all, just part Peruvian and part white.

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On one hand, it's comforting to know that some of the most attractive people I've ever seen (pussinboots, vebelfetzer) went through dorky stages to get where they are now (see their livejournals for recent posts).
It is disturbing, however, that at their most awkward, they still look less dorky than I do at my best. Which would have been about six months ago, I think.

The people in my family do it backwards. We start out cute and pupate into something SCARY. (see: The Face)
Kevin tried to make The Face once. While it was not The Face in any way, shape, or form, it did give me nightmares for weeks.