December 15th, 2002


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Owwww, my head hurts.
Am assuming it's dehydration, as I drank only 1 liter of water yesterday/today (time blurs when you sleep 3/4 of each day...) *glug*

Have forgotten what normal sleep patterns are.
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Headache has abated.
Triggered by jadaze's post of clothing she wants, I am now searching for another Big Black Jacket online. You see, my BBJ, while still comfy and safe, is starting to get a little threadbare (I wear it nearly every day). It no longer functions as a warmth-providing garment and is now worn entirely out of a need for comfort clothing. I am saving up for a replacement, though I do not think I will ever really be able to replace my jacket. So much blood, sweat, and tears in the piece of fabric... quite literally. To say nothing of a good amount of drool from times I've fallen asleep in class.
Have not yet found anything online (I've been looking for over three hours now). Will have to badger mum into telling me where she got it in the first place. I can't read the tag any longer, so I've no idea. Nor any clue what it's made of... only that it is LONG (i.e. at least 32''. Not sure of actual measurement), hooded, and closes down the front with shiny metal snaps. No wimpy little jackets for me. I no longer remember if she bought it for herself and did not want it, or bought it for me - but it is THE essential, defining element of my wardrobe and doubtless my favorite article of clothing out of everything I own (given, when I look at it in my closet, I don't own that many clothes. Depending on my weight, I usually rotate between the same few items between laundry days. Sadly my weight - and therefore size - can vary tremendously on a near-daily basis...)
My mother hates it with a passion, claiming it is shapeless and ugly and doesn't flatter me at all.
Silly woman. I'm well aware that it's shapeless. I'd rather be shapeless than my normal shape (round). And I like how, when I am at a lower weight, I positively swim in it. I love having baggy clothes. I love my jacket because people cannot see me beneath it. I am quite glad it is one or two sizes too large for me at all times. When I no longer want to hide (I just mistyped that as 'die'. Hrm. Freudian slip? Heh), I shall borrow her clothes. Or Nicole's.
For now, leave me to my baggyness and grab not at the jacket, lest I bite. :]=
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Ook. Awake. At least the big shiny thing in the sky is gone. It makes my eyes hurt.
My car looks lonely, there in the parking lot. I feel like I ought to go keep it company. Poor widdle Tahoe of DOOM.

Just called my father to say 'hello'. Asked him what he wants for Christmas. "Peace and quiet", he says.
Hehe. Heh. Peace and quiet.
Not in THAT house. Poor daddy.