December 16th, 2002


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*sigh* I need to lose weight.
Time for dieting!
[Only I would be stupid enough to start a diet right in the middle of the holidays, while on my rag.]
So people in Houston, don't feed me, mkay? I'll still drive you to restauraunts - Yes, Nicole, we'll go to Pappy's - but I won't eat there!
I dislike being this size. I should like to be at least where I was this past May. And I would need to lose quite a few pounds from there, actually. Wow, that's only a little depressing.
But yes. Yay, diet.
Must also exercise. Dammit. I'm a slug. I don't walk, I sort of oooze.

Hooray for slim-fast. Mmmmm, slim-fast. *sluuuuuurrrrp*


Puffiest. Seal. EVAR. Hee.

Also, I refuse to cut-tag this cuz it's cool:

So what Demonology 101 Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

[17:51] [Ziggy]: Paula and Melinda are trying to kill me and my precious computer
[17:52] [Ziggy]: Melinda has sympathy pains for the computer, but Paula won't stop...
[17:52] [Ziggy]: i tried to tell her that it was MY axe...but NO....*swing swing swoosh*
[17:52] [Ziggy]: O_o
[17:52] [Ziggy]: x_x
[17:53] *** [Ziggy] signed off at Mon Dec 16 17:53:34 2002.

Um. Eep?

This is possibly the best thing ever. Done by a girl I know named Virginia. She rocks. I mean, she rocks in ways most people can only dream of rocking.
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