December 17th, 2002


Why I Should Be Shot: Reason #37,108,172,308,613.42

[Re: My insistance that a cam site focusing on geek boys would rake in the dough. And it would. I know many a cute geek resides here on my friends list.]
[07:34] feyr: *raises an eyebrow*
[07:34] jenni_the_odd: :D
[07:34] feyr: Good luck finding people who want to see geeks naked. *smirk*
[07:34] feyr: ......well, I take that back.
[07:35] jenni_the_odd: :]=
[07:35] jenni_the_odd: Most of my friends list seems interested
[07:35] feyr: There are all sorts of bizarre fetishes on the net, I'm sure someone wants to see scrawny/overweight guys sit around naked.
[07:36] jenni_the_odd: The public has spoken! We want geeky ass!
[07:36] jenni_the_odd: Geeks, Nerds, Net-Dorks, LEND ME YOUR REARS!