The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

First, the 'what I did today' post...

Today was... interesting.
Nicole wanted me to know where the Arial Theater was, since that's where Less Than Jake will be playing. Turns out I know the area well, just had no idea that the Arial was there. So yeah. She also had me take her to the Hard Rock Cafe, cool place. I nibbled a bit when she got some pie (mmm... pie) but otherwise I had water and she had... something. I forget what. But apparently it was quite tasty.
Then I went home and passed the hell out. Woke myself at 5:30, silently cursed my apparent sudden need to sleep, and went to get Tish so we could see the school musical.

Ah, the Sound of Music. An all-time favorite of mine.
... I'll say this much, the orchestral music (Michael was in the orch. ^_^), the props, and the costumes were good.
For the most part, the singing was good.
The acting. Eh. Could have been a lot better. Wasn't terrible, but eh. The guy they cast as Captain Von Trapp, while a decent actor in his own right, was a bit too foppish to properly play the stern military man the role required without looking silly. Maria came off as something of a simpleton, but she could sing quite well. The kids were pretty good; there was a small girl (six, seven years old? couldn't tell) playing Gretel - the audience went 'awww' any time she moved so of course she was a hit. 9_9 ah, child actors... yeah. She did well, though.
My only issue was with the actual rearranging of the script so that the drama department could actually put it on and not have the play go on forever (was from 7:00 to 10:15 or so as it is). They removed some scenes, put songs in where there was no song, and just messed with it. Didn't destroy the story or anything, and it was certainly understandable as to why they did that; but it just disturbed me because I am so used to the longer version.

Afterwards, Tish and I went to the band hall to chat with Michael, and ended up going to the 59 diner, where we were treated to the sight of Michael consuming a sandwich the size of Tish's head. e.O;

And, Tish agrees with me - she also wants to live in Michael's car. mMmm, car.

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