January 3rd, 2003


Diet Vanilla Coke is GOD. God is delicious.

Nede, sketchy and somewhat re-tweaked (how many times have I re-tweaked him now?)
Originally in the story his curse left no physical mark; it could only be seen by those who practiced magic. I then decided it was a mark on his hand. Now it appears to be some sort of cancerous tattoo, that creeps up his arm and will kill him once it gets to his heart (and drive him a little wacko once it reaches his brain).
He's wearing very little because (a) I need to work on my male anatomy and (b) He's in the tropics when Kanya goes into hiding, so I figured, hell, it's hot. He's gonna wear as little as possible. And even if he's not, the fans demand it. All two of them.

Goddammit, everyone sees the arm/curse thing and goes "MONONOKE HIME!"
No! no no no no no! I wrote that before I had even HEARD of Mononoke. Now shush, you. Besides, to my knowledge (I've seen the film once, I think, years ago), that's the only thing that even comes close to being similar. Michael knows just how much of this universe is pulled from nowhere but my ass.
Fortunately, I have a lot of ass to pull things from.

*cough* yeah. Too much vanilla-y goodness, methinks.
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