January 14th, 2003

Sparky the Dancing Crack Owl!

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To add to the Band Smilies:
#[|:] <-- Band smiley
{/:) <-- tuba-player smiley (wearing beret, as normal marching hat won't fit beneath the tuba)
c(:] <-- color guard smiley (with hair in bun)

Oh GOD shoot me...
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My precal teacher has an utterly incomprehensible Chinese accent. It is SO thick that, if you tune out only slightly, it sounds like he's speaking chinese because of the tones of his words. *meep* And when you can understand him, you realize he repeats so much he sounds like Mojo Jojo. And he kept going off on 10-minute tangents, then saying "But that's calculus, and so you don't need to know that. This is precalculus".
My psychology prof, on the other hand, seems all kinds of neat.
My spanish teacher is teaching her first year and seems very nervous. Since English is her second language, she stutters. A lot. And half-repeats herself before interrupting herself to discuss something else.

Still no sign of life from Kevin-from-Spanish. Called him, left a message. Am beginning to suspect he is dead.