February 2nd, 2003

I eat babies

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Tish's party:
  • I made a Bob-Cake. I actually tried to paint Bob onto the cake with icing. It sorta-almost-kinda worked (I'll upload pictures later).
  • I had a Hentai Hat. Allow me to explain. The Hentai Hat was once an octopus headband. It's purple. It had two googly eyes, six stuffed legs, and the two other legs were the headband itself. I removed the eyes, glued one to the middle of it's head (Kevin stuck the other eye on the middle of his forehead), and made a gaping mouth out of felt (with painted-on teeth), which was also glued on. It was transformed from mild-mannered octopus to Tentacle Demon.
  • Tish and Michael arrived, very sleepy. Apparently 'twas naptime. So we all napped. Well, Tish napped, Michael was sleepy-drunk (where you're sleepy and giggly), Kevin was semi-conscious but unmoving, and I was awake. Michael was unnerved by the Hentai Hat.
  • They woke, and we all went to the kitchen, had chili con queso with my family, and realized we had to eat Bob. Nicole and Michael are Pork Twins. No, we don't understand, either. There was much madness.
  • John appeared, and so we had cake and Tish opened her presents.
  • We decided we would go, then about 20 minutes later, actually went out the door to Matt's apartment. Once there, I was informed Tish was getting a bed, but it was at Jess' house. So off we went. Bed was disassembled, put in my car, reassembled, and voila. Tish-bed!
  • The original members of the party (Tish, John, Michael, Kevin and I) trooped back to my house since that's where everyone's cars were. We sat around in the dark alternatly napping and being silly, silly people.
  • After Tish and John left, Michael and I waged pillow war. There were savage, savage beatings. With a pillow. And a lot of boob-grabbing on Kevin's part. I was quite content. My two favorite guys, on a couch, being thwapped with pillows. Could it get any better?
  • The answer is no, so Michael eventually went home. And then came the sleeping. And now I wake Kevin and make with the showering so that we can appear in church and appease my mother.
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    Fear the Nose Vikings!

    After giving Tish the stuff she left at my house/in my car and taking her to get milk (because I promised her milk, so milk she shall have, dammit), it was dark by the time I actually left Houston. Which means the headlights of everyone coming towards me and the person behind me (who insisted on staying EXACTLY where they were relative to me, so that his brights reflected in my side mirrors) had me squinting and near-blind for most of the trip.
    My eyes burn. THEY BUUUURRRN.
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