February 4th, 2003


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I dreamt that some nameless famous guy came to the church I grew up in. And Tish and I were really insistant that he look at our sketchbooks. Tish got to him first, before he spoke publicly, and he looked through her work and gave her comments. For some reason, this made me insanely jealous and I felt very competitive with Tish. But I didn't have any recent work to show him; I only had the sketchbooks from high school - about five or six of them. So I picked up the three most recent ones and handed them to him. The first one was actually my psychology textbook, which I had apparently picked up by accident. The other two were the most recent ones. He looked through and I asked how I compared to Tish. He said that now it was my turn to accomplish something. He then started talking about Tish's life, and we walked across the parking lot chatting about Tish. I had arrived in a big charter bus, and I was looking for it, when I realized it was up in a tree.The branches began creaking and it started to fall, so I ran to get out of the way. It bounced, and I had to run again. It bounced a third time, crushing a car that was going by. The next day in school (I was back in high school, for some reason) the teacher was going on and on about the tragedy that had occurred when the bus crushed some random guy who attended our school. Finally I stopped him, looked at the class, and asked if anyone had known him. No one had. So I told the teacher to get on with whatever-it-was we were supposed to do today. He looked sheepish and said he hadn't made a lesson plan, since he'd been told to counsel students all day.

This caused me to look through my old sketchbooks when I woke up. Some of that shit is scary. Some of it is actually cute. I can place most of them in chronological order, but there's two early ones that seem pretty much the same in terms of style and content (Lotoae was created my sophomore year, ML my junior year - so I can place sketchbooks with those characters, and sometimes classmates wrote in them) and I'm not sure which one was first.
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Why does my water bottle taste like blood? It's got that metallic-y bloody taste to it, and it's slightly disturbing.
This is a sign from the powers that be that today I'm supposed to be EXTRA SUPER GOTHTASTIC OMG. Yes.

Michael and I were running the names of people we know through The Gothic Name Generator. 'Tis spooOOOooky.
I am "Deranged Insanity"
neonid is "Beautifully Chaotic"
feyr is "Lucifer"
orochimike is "Vicious Gurl" (which makes me giggle)
Emily is "Fucked up Freak"
Greg is "Midnight Temptress"
They hurt to LOOK at. Oh, the pain... *snicker*

This is me. It's so me. And Nicole and Gabriel will mock me eternally for it. (Seriously. I will miss my mouth when attempting to feed myself. One of many reasons I don't enjoy eating in front of people)